And while I'm saying "Hello !", I'm also saying "Goodbye (direct) Twitter!"

If this is working, this post will appear at Twitter, but is originating from Mastodon - so Twitter folks, you're welcome to keep following as you are, but I'd encourage checking out if you're interested in trying out a more communal network.

@DJWalnut I'm just using with an applet that connects RSS to Twitter. It only picks up non-reply toots (by design), and is a bit wonky (it removes at signs, and seems to occasionally break on URLs if the toot is also too long).

But it serves the purpose overall. looks to do similar but I decided I'd prefer only trusting a service with my Twitter creds, and not my Mastodon.

@DJWalnut I'm using Mastodon.ART, and based my setup on these instructions:

The main thing I found is that the .atom feed doesn't seem to exist, but this one does:

It should work as long as you're able to find some sort of RSS or Atom feed for your source, and then select Twitter > Make a tweet as the destination.

@Jazzaria I remember how @NaiJi got soft-banned by Twitter just for mentioning he owns a Pleroma instance to his followers.

I hope this won't happen to you.
@whiteout @Jazzaria not really soft-banned. They just disabled the thread so I was the only person who could see it. My friends who tried to RT it said every post is deleted like if I banned them.

@NaiJi @whiteout Thanks! And yeah I'm not exactly a celeb so I doubt there will be any ramifications. Plus as they say, any publicity is good publicity!

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