Hello Fediverse! A quick - I make , often with a lot of . I release a new track every Sunday at (backed by an Netlabel, linked in my profile).

I also release my music in various other places (linked from, and have recently begun live streaming piano improvisation at:

I use a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license (share freely), and sell licenses for commercial reuse at Jamendo. Happy to be here to share my music!

@Jazzaria welcome to the fediverse! Great to see some musicians making a home here:)

You might also consider making a profile on @funkwhale a federated music/audio sharing network.

@LPS Funkwhale is absolutely on my todo list (I'm considering actually self-hosting that one). Good to see it has some presence/integration here!

@randulo Nice - I'll have to check out this @saxophone group. I actually consider myself principally a clarinetist 😀 but sax is near and dear as well, and more broadly accepted in improvisational contexts.

@Jazzaria @saxophone Clarinet is great, but hard! You should join us at many clarinetists as well as saxophone, friendly forum like the early Internet

@katwylder Thanks for the warm welcome, happy to be here!

@Jazzaria welcome in and I look forward to hearing some tracks!

@ephemeral Thanks! Will be releasing my first weekly one on Mastodon tomorrow (been doing them weekly since 2015 and all the past ones are at

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