You can't fight the desert... you have to ride with it. If your travels take you to this windblown locale, be sure to keep your wits close and your water closer. Your surroundings are just desert, and if you are unprepared they will deliver to you your just deserts. One thing is certain - there won't be dessert.

Featuring 808 and electro drums, synthesized risers, Hammond organ, plucks, bass, duduk, and effects.

Starting my - now with piano visualization as well as the normal psychedelia

So, it already happened and the toot/tweet didn't go out despite clicking. But you can catch my most recent (and I'll publish a highlight tomorrow as well).

When you venture out, beware! Conventional concerns include lions, tigers, and bears, but more exotic risks lurk in unknown lands. Hic sunt dracones - here be dragons - and their wobbly wily ways.

Featuring orchestral strings, brass, low woodwinds, piano, harp, drums, synthesizers, vocals, and effects.

In any case, hope you enjoyed, and at 8pm Eastern you may want to tune in and hear Christian McBride chat about what I can only assume are terribly cool things.

Welp, looks like that last stream had frozen video throughout, but at least it's a pleasant picture. Sound is fine and that's what matters, and video will be more dynamic next time.

Starting my a little early today

(There's a Christian McBride live chat later tonight I want to catch.)

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