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Thanks! And I'm honored to be a hashtag 😁

I'm slightly addicted to buying musical toys, and decided instead of having endless unpublished drafts I'd set a schedule and release stuff.

I kind of find the concept of "genre" arbitrary, and so I just play with what I have and hear. This makes my music hard to box (and sell), but I'm happy you enjoy it and intend to keep on making it regularly and for the foreseeable future 🎢

Tomorrow for my jazz piano stream I'll play "Waltz For Debby", and some other things. Tune in, and welcome!

Feet lack eyes - thus being underfoot and underseen are often intimately related. Noise blinds, insomuch as it obfuscates signal, and blundering ahead regardless will only flatten the situation further.

Featuring electric bass, guitars, synthesizer, drums, stomping, and shouting.


Now - piano stream

Maybe also on PeerTube courtesy of @basspistol Will have to check afterwards...

I will still stream tonight, but a bit later - seeing if I can set up restream to hit Twitch but also @basspistol so I can properly federate my live music as well πŸ˜€

Around this time tomorrow (or later) I'll be doing my live stream. welcome, and I'll probably keep woodshedding some of my favorites.

Social interactions take many forms, yet follow comparatively few patterns. One such pattern is the eerily obligatory encounters of those supposedly enmeshed, yet evidently divergent. Whether through habit or neglect, persistent changes over time can shift the familiar to the alien - yet we strain to see the recognizable after it has long departed.

Featuring orchestra, piano, organ, drums, synthesizer, and female voice.


I'll do my live piano stream tomorrow. Will definitely still improvise and jazz it up, but feel like playing "H in New England" as well (hat tip @pianoforte for introducing me to it).

So, expect to hear that - possibly multiple times πŸ˜ƒ

The end of a day can be many things - it can be tired, satisfied, disappointed, or yearning. Whether bittersweet or sweetly set, it is a moment of reflection and repose as we allow events to pass with the literal progression of time.

This contrafact John Coltrane's "Naima" features flute, tenor saxophone, upright bass, drums, electric guitar, piano, and backing horns.


Now - stream

Featuring waltzes, and the hopefully successful return of trippy visualizations behind the notes.

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A song I composed today, using the Teenage Engineering OP-Z and a Hyve synthesizer, record straight into a Korg Kaoss Pad 2S.

Tomorrow, another live jazz piano stream. It will include temporally arranged pitches, occasionally suggestive of harmony and occasionally of discord. I'm feeling waltzy, so probably a few of those.

Quick as a whip, sharp as a tack - like finding a needle in a haystack. Let the chips fall where they may and let the cat out of the bag - easier to do than say!

Featuring vibraphone, clarinet, horns, and a jazz quartet of drums, upright bass, electric guitar, and piano.


Now - piano stream

Featuring music by John Coltrane - more than a few of these I'm still really working up as far as piano goes, but now's as good a time as any.

Coltrane-themed stream still happening, but will be a bit later in the day.

Tomorrow I'll be doing another live jazz piano stream, featuring music by John Coltrane. As always, recording and highlight will follow, so tune in live or catch it later - thanks!

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