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I release my music freely, but send to commercial outlets to make it available. Last month I got ~18k listens, and ~$11 in payment, averaging ~$0.0006/play.

A million plays per month would be a bit more than $600. As they say - "Don't quit your day job."

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Thanks! And I'm honored to be a hashtag 😁

I'm slightly addicted to buying musical toys, and decided instead of having endless unpublished drafts I'd set a schedule and release stuff.

I kind of find the concept of "genre" arbitrary, and so I just play with what I have and hear. This makes my music hard to box (and sell), but I'm happy you enjoy it and intend to keep on making it regularly and for the foreseeable future 🎶

What classic style will never die? The super cool tie-dye bow tie! Its blend of colors will catch your eye. When you wear it, you'll feel sky-high!

This 60s-inspired track features acoustic guitar, upright bass, Hammond Solovox and B3 organs, drums, violins, and shakers.

Well, it went okay I think 🙂

Stream dropped at one point due to CPU load I think, so that's why it's two separate videos. Also still figuring tweaking the visualizations some - and the instrument I'm playing doesn't have pedals plugged in, so my expressiveness is a bit limited.

But, it was fun to play with the sounds, and I hope folks enjoy listening!

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Now - stream -

Sounds besides piano, and new visualizations. Still working out some kinks but here it goes!

I'm doing a "soft-launch" of my new stream, ~8pm Pacific on Thursday. I'm not *fully* set up yet, nor do I have much of a plan 😄 so it'll mostly be me plonking around.

If you're able to tune in live, I will have eyes on chat, so can take live and all that good stuff. If not, please do catch the recording - thanks!

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Fools rush in where angels fear to tread - so what do they do during an angelic denouement? Even the foolish know that an unraveling is something to heed, though whether that gives them pause is still an uncertain matter.

This atmospheric track features piano, bowl, voice, and effects.

My live stream is coming back next week - and note that I'm not just calling it a stream any more 😃

I'm still working on some finishing touches, but my new "studio" setup is coming together, armed with a keyboard that makes Many More Sounds. So, it'll still be me improvising for awhile, but with more sounds occurring as a result.

I'll also be able to actually see my computer / chats while playing, and may set up a robo-vox mic in future. So, get "hyped" 😁 and please tune in!

Showering on the moon - and singing this happy tune! Sweep the dust away, gotta clean your suit today, then you can enjoy your afternoon!

Featuring flute, upright bass, alto sax, piano, and drums.

There are creeks in this world - and then there is Almosta Creek. Figuratively bubbling with aquatic potential, Almosta Creek is a stream for dreamers and idealists. What watery stories will occur along its erstwhile babbling brook?

Featuring guitar, accordion, bass, drums, vocal mmms, and harmonica.

Collections are groups seen together. Recollections are memories, the act of recalling past occurrences. A precollection is a collection previously made - so, a precollection of a collection of recollections would be an anticipatory grouping of future memories. It might sound complicated, but it is actually a common motivation for many of our actions.

Featuring clarinet and creative reverb.

1, 2, 3, ... counting, spinning, spinning counting. 4, ..., more, ..., n, ...

Featuring piano.

Piano stream on hiatus for a bit - figuring some changes in my studio setup. I'll still get weekly tracks out, and be back in future with a new and improved (or perhaps just similar to old, but alive again) stream.

Flying around without a care, buzzing here and buzzing there. Finding sweet nectar, and pollen too, taking it home to give freely to you.

Featuring vibraphone accompanied by acoustic bass, guitar, piano, drums, and a B3 organ.

Behavioral ambiguity merits linguistic enigmas - and felines have both in spades. The meaning of a meow can be many things, and the Cat with a K has mastered such multifaceted expressiveness. Listen carefully, and you may hear the desires and dreams of those around you.

Featuring trumpet, piccolo, backing singers and horns, drum kit, and electric guitar, bass, and keys.

Look ahead, see behind, and reverse, in your mind. Feeling and folly are what you will find. Prospective perspective perceives and portends, seeing things beyond what might be the end. Whither is wisdom, and what works will last? Look to the future, remember the past.

Featuring clarinet.

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