rts appreciated- free domestic shipping off of all items now through June 2nd! This includes everything from zines, sticker sheets, patches, pins and more <3

🌻Summer Commissions time!! I've set up shop for chibis and am now doing sticker sets to mail to you! I'm open to doing other stuff like icons for those interested, so let's talk about it. If interested, message me or email at jaymebrodie@gmail.com🌻

🌼Pokemon commissions time🌼 see prices below and email at jaymebrodie@gmail.com or message if interested or if you have any questions!

Preorders for the Share the Warmth Animal Crossing fanzine are officially open!
All Profits go to the Trevor Project-a non profit organization focused on crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ+ youth. You can buy the zine and all bundles here: sharethewarmthzine.bigcartel.c

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