💕Flamingo Heart enamel pins are officially 20 percent off from now until this Monday! Get 'em here: etsy.com/shop/JaymeBrodie

Vote on if you're interested in the frog notebooks I'm making! I'm going to open preorders after my sample comes in/ gets approved!


I I know I've promoted commissions and stuff, but I have a store too with charms, enamel pins, stickers, prints and zines!


💌💕Valentines commissions special offer- available now through February 14th! (sfw only) All draw ships, ocs, or even you and your s/o!
email at jaymebrodie@gmail.com if interested!

working on a frog journal to eventually kickstart??? it's looking really good so far so here's a preview:

time! email at jaymebrodie@gmail.com if interested or if you have any questions! Also, if there's something you'd like that isn't shown, let's talk about it!

I'm doing social media icons/ profile pic commissions!!! they're $15 each and you can dm me on twitter @ jaymajaym or email at jaymebrodie@gmail.com if you're interested!

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