@JayPasta this reminds me of a dirk I never finished, as is often for me with characters. I usually stick to architecture/objects.

That animation on Vriska's face tho? Thats fucking awesome work

@skyplayer Hey thanks! I originally graduated as a 2D animator, now I do 3D and I love combining the two when I can. Also heck yeah we need more 3D artists in this community. Though I get life gets in the way and even me, I managed to make this and Roxy last month in the span of a month's worth of work because of exceptional circumstances. But I admit it was hard to stay focused.


sorry to jump in but because you mentioned your background is in 2d now i HAVE to ask: so was the facial animation done with greasepencil? Because I assumed it was texture based just because thats the main way i know how to do that style of face animation in 3d (its also how like animal crossing works, for example)

@AutumnWyvern @JayPasta Thats what I was thinking too, Ive done some things in the past with like a flipbook of pngs in a folder, but I know Blender has a ton of cool 2D tools now

@AutumnWyvern Oh no this is me animating a texture. I used a separate software to rough the animation and I cleaned it up in a regular drawing software (to match my reference from the panel). A lot of it was lessons learnt from my previous Roxy animation.


okay so my initial hunch was more or less correct (though we have slightly different strategies it sounds like). I've just been seeing people on birdsite go bonkers with greasepencil so i HAD to know haha

@AutumnWyvern Grease pencil appears useful for drawing free lines out of nothing while the texture technique is limited to having a mesh with UV's naturally.

@JayPasta Thats really cool. School wasnt really for me so Ive just self-taught and youtube binged for like 6 years or so. Blender is a godsend

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