The lady from P.T. 

Goody idea of Joey Claire from Hiveswap being lost in the halls from P.T.

Far right Conspiracies 

I have 2 uncles and 3 cousins that are slowly sinking deeper into Qanon indoctrination and I really do not know if there's anything I should and could do about it.

I classpect as Rogue of Heart but Ultimate Jay is just a sinister bi cowboy.

Goes without saying, I will soon release the new Terezi models from the last video. (And the pre-Hs2 Vriska)


This is animated short about loss. It takes place after Chapter 35 of the Meat Epilogues and a bit before and during Hs2.

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big thinking abt this image rn

there's not any current one im aware of i was just thinking abt it

After 1.5 month of work, today is rendering day.. then it'll be compositing day..

I've made good progress on what I'm working on right now. Hopefully I don't botch the remaining parts due to impatience. But man I wish I finished this project to coincide with one of the significant dates.

At 26 I finally learnt that port forwarding was just a matter of turning a setting in your router and learning 2 specific pieces of information regarding which software you want to use this for.

Ok so I tried out SRB2K and I'll be playing more. Love the raw modding chaos. This game has so much value and is completely free. Sad I won't be able to host a game unless I learned the arcane art of port forwarding and even then I would probably limit to people I know.

Got sidetracked and played Necrobarista. Damn I needed that game. It has one (1) allusion to VA-11 Hall-A and is pretty atmospheric and bittersweet. I love the characters and I am stanning Ashley (shown bellow) for many reasons. Some more obvious than others.

can pol 

How appropriate that the Canadian Federal Court has ruled that sending refugees back to the US violates their human rights. "[...] the decision from Justice Ann McDonald explicitly states that the U.S. is no longer a safe country for refugees sent back from Canada [...]"

3D is all fun and games until your landscape has 5mil polygons but it's fine because you're instancing so it reads and writes fast. Also thank god HS has a flat shadeless style. I can hide so much trickery.

What if I made anime (stupid) 

If work doesn't get me too busy and the world doesn't implode by the time I come around to it, I will totally make the remaining omega kids and throw them in a naruto-ass opening with "Not Canon in F major, Op.69" playing as the theme. If I'm gonna practice my animation skills I might as well make something that gives me serotonin. Even if it's really, really dumb and amazing.

Been thinking my next piece could be musical and I feel like a teenager making a naruto AMV for the first time in a decade.

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Sonic but you fight Robotnik's capitalist police state.

If you ever fear drawing hands, just spend 3 months drawing 1000+ frames of an animated movie and it'll beat the fear out of you. (You won't care if it's good, you end up just going with whatever the movement needs and that confidence makes it good even when it might not be)

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