People, my paper can actually take some watercolor now, I am absolutely shocked. Did I actually do this myself..? What the- How does egg whites have this power? I might need to invest on having a pet chicken.

@JasminGris I suspect it's because the paper's now got a kind of seal on it. Also, the paintings look really cool!!! :^]

@helatique Such a magic seal... Feels unbelievably different lolol. Thank you! 💕

@JasminGris All art seals are magic haha!! I use transparent gouache on my handmade paper, but that's only because I get roaches... D: No worries! :^]

@helatique Yes, I was thinking that these annoying things from nature would be a problem too, so I only made one sheet to test out. And transparent gesso?? Never heard of that. What kind of mediums you use/paint with on the gesso sized paper?

@JasminGris Makes sense. So gesso is a sealant, like the egg whites, but it's got minerals rather than animal products in it. You use it with a wide, flat brush on any kind of surface that will need it, just to seal it for any paint that's porous (seeps through to the other side, eg watercolour).

Transparent gesso has very few pigment minerals in it, compared to normal gesso, so it needs a lot more coats before surfaces like paper can be used with it. It's not fully transparent, but eh... :^]

@helatique Oooh, I see, I see. Thank you for sharing that, I'll see if try it myself when I have the opportunity.

@JasminGris No worries! It's also more expensive than egg whites, so keep that in mind. D:

@JasminGris I can imagine the conversation:

"Ah you have chickens! It must be great having fresh eggs every day!"
"Yes, they're wonderful for my paper!"

@Curator Oh lolololol, you actually made me laugh with that, how mean. I really love these very specific conversations, I can have them with almost everybody. The best part is getting the person either really confused or really interested on the endless artist yapping~

@val It absolutely is, Argh! I end up getting all stingy and don't use the watercolor paper I have too often so it lasts 😔.

Maybe I will make a tutorial in the future for fellow artists on budget-

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