Added a few more logins to my postybirb and hopefully that will encourage me to post art to more places.
Threw some color on this sketch from a while back as a test.


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did my best in drawing @CBWebb's character Noah from her webcomic Blanco. it was very tough, our styles are so different lol

i hope you like it!

drew some for's awesome you should go read it

I just inked a whole drawing on the wrong layer.

I'm going to bed.

PINK! Inspired by opera rose. A paint color I always wanna use, but isn’t lightfast 🥲 But this is digital!! So I could use the shade heheheh. Done on an ipad pro in procreate!

It's - I'm an enby bi webcomic person that has been doing it for decads. I dont really have a portfolio aside from my website where I keep my webcomics

i still think this panel should have won me like, a daytime emmy or something. heck i'd take a.. what's an award people get? do they give the nobel prize for 'having good writing in a comic panel once'?

social media is getting weird. I wanna talk to people but twice now what I thought was just a discussion someone took as a slight and I just don't wanna engage people anymore.

I FINALLY get to share that the complete collection of Blanco will be published by Iron Circus Comics (they announced today on twitter!). I'm so excited, and it comes at the perfect time as Blanco resumes updates tomorrow at noon. I'll still be sharing and posting it every Friday as I work on finishing the book ❤️

I have a hard time telling people my preferred pronouns.

‪I just like how you can be someone’s biggest... well you’re just that guy that’s always saying “you can do it!” and are behind them 100% it just means nothing coming from you, to them, apparently.‬

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