GOOD EVENING. Mayhaps you are one of my lovely friends/followers who wonders why the heck I'm a fan of pro-wrestling, and why it's such a popular thing in the first place when it's FAAAaaaAAAKeeeEEE?

Do yourself a favour and watch this amazing video about it! (plus from 19:50 onwards I basically cried, soooo yeah)

@JenJen Just recently I was enlightened about how pro wrestling got it right *because* the violence is fake, ppl not actually getting hurt or dead. I'll check out the video, thx.

@JamesC Yeah! The level of TRUST and skill required to do pro-wrestling is mad! It's like a co-op theatre piece with punches :D


@JenJen It's impressive. I never paid much attention to it until I followed this guy on the birdsite that does super serious war related work but also posts pro wrestling vids! Gained an appreciation for the talent and athleticism.

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