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the comparison!! feels almost unfair, the one i just finished definitely got out of hand hahaha

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BBQ in December. Because California.

when my painting mentor told me every square inch of a painting needs to be interesting: no bland backgrounds

as a pianist after I spent 2 years in a choir. A pianist friend of mine suggested this, and it greatly improved my hearing and control of inner voices, as well as overall sound

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Hey people of mastodon.art! What are the things that catapulted your art to the next level? What did you do that made you (surprisingly) a better artist? Would you share your experiences so we can learn from each other?
Perhaps with something like when I finally faced my fears. Which totally is my first entry here! I held myself back by not even trying to learn about colors, anatomy, abstraction!

So - join in? 🎨

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Please give at archive.org/donate so that I can keep having this job where I post all day

First attempts using enfuse for focus stacking not really successful.

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I was intrigued that #Japanese has kanji for very large numbers (like 極=10^48), so I wrote a blog post about it. It's a story of counting systems, an Edo-era mathematics text and Buddhist scriptures, with a supercomputer and a samurai, so it might even interest you if you are not studying Japanese ^_^


Trying to sell my Canon photography equipment, where do ppl sell stuff like this these days? Craigslist has been overrun with scammers.

Monterey Aquarium

South building as seen from outside the cafe. So busy we ate outside. Olympus Pen-F

'Cat', btw is his name. He started as a stray so he was just cat at first and stayed cat.

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Got back my deceased friend's Pentax Super ME film camera after a complete overhaul and loaded a roll of Tri-X in it. I miss these cute cameras and having to think about every shot, though not the cost!

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Remember. Western society tries hard to make us cold and ruthless. An act of kindness is an act of rebellion.

Go. Rebel.

I ended up my deceased friend's 35mm Pentax camera. Going to get it serviced and develop the roll of Ectachrome that was in it. Then shoot like it is 1985! Now I wish I had not thrown all my left over 35mm film in the garbage years ago.

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20 years ago: "And in the future the internet will replace the need to have a telephone entirely!" 🖥️ :blobuwu:

Now: "You must have a phone number to access this website/service" ☎️

Bought a Pentax ME Super film camera, it was my neighbor's before she passed away. Still film in it.

Wired ethernet in Ubuntu 18.04 is work, unlike 16.04

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