‪i’m kinda sorta back, and i’m gonna try do one of those monthly challenges. and since i just bingewatched recently, i decided to do and draw creatures from eastern european myth & folklore: ‬

pic 1: strzyga.

a strzyga is an undead creature that drinks human blood at night. they were created when a person with two souls died, because only one of the souls would move on to the afterlife. one way to defeat a strzyga is to sleep a whole night in her lair. since the name appears to be derived from the latin word for owl, i gave her some birdlike features.

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‪got distracted with like, 3 other projects, but i’ll try doing all my pictures this week. here’s pic 2, a żmij (serpent/dragon, associated with water)‬

pic 3: marzanna, goddess of winter and death/rebirth.

there’s still a tradition in poland to end winter/start spring by “drowning marzanna” AKA parading a giant straw doll thru town and dipping her in every puddle and river.

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