the correct time to start making pride-themed jewelry is now.
will i? lolno. not before it's june and too late
awareness is not in fact always a first step to anything

and this is the reason i even bought some silver wire: my mom has this huge piece of amber she found on a beach that she’s been too afraid to get a hole drilled into in case it breaks; so i wrapped it instead

earrings, sterling silver and warm gold cubic zirconia.

first ever attempt at working with silver wire. i’m not too happy with the execution. might have to write them off as practice pieces, idk.

aaand last one from the current batch. tried to see if i could make something similar but still unique to a previous piece. mostly successful i’d say.
gunmetal copper and aluminum wire and two types of red glass beads

another experiment, this time with painting small beads. gunmetal copper and aluminum wire, small bronze-colored acrylic beads, and a large transparent glass bead with bronze markings

a new experiment that worked out pretty well. uncolored copper wire and gunmetal copper and aluminum wire pendant

as much as i love all the things i’ve been able to make with copper, brass, and aluminum wires, i can’t wait to go to the us where my stash of fancy hypoallergenic and super-durable niobium wires is waiting for me all pandemic long. it’ll be such an upgrade!

tiny pendant with iridescent red glass cabochon. made of black copper and aluminum wire

my absolute best achievement so far, but it took 3 weeks to make so that’s a bit excessive
made with gunmetal copper wire and two types of shiny blue glass beads

autumn leaf in winter colors. made of black and uncolored aluminum wire and a clear acrylic cabochon.

like i said, i absolutely love this brass wire. with variously patinated brass diamond-shapes, sealed with transparent protective polish

pendant made of patinated brass and transparent protective polish. this brass wire is fast becoming my favorite of the available in germany metal wires

a very complicated and very annoying piece made of black and silver aluminum and some small silver cube beads

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