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I’m Jinny Seesaw (JSeesaw) who is interested in football, anime, and painting. Because the instance I stayed would shut down soon, so I moved here.

¡Hola a todos! Me llamo Jinny. Estoy aprendiendo a escribir en español. Es muy difícil para mí. Me gusta ver jugadas del fútbol en la semana. Soy aficionado de la selección de Uruguay. ¡Vamos la Celeste!

I’m a web designer and learning English and Spanish. Nice to meet new friends.

My Portfolio

Clock Tower: Shou and Yuu

This picture made in 2009.
They are the main characters, Shou and Yuu, in the game "Clock Tower: Ghost Head." I loved these twins or accurately: dual personality so that I drew them together, trying to express the atmosphere of fighting. I hope you will like it.

Unlight - Cobb
The underboss of "Prime One", the criminal organization founded in Rosenburg.

The Dreamland in the Classroom 💤

When you want to doze off in class, your consciousness will be sent from the "Lucid City" to the "Dozy City" by the imaginary train. 😴

The Lost Butterfly Swims in the Fishbowl.

I made this animation in 2008/12 by ink and edited with AfterEffect. This animation compared the transgender to the gynandromorph. We hope all of us, no matter the gender and sex orientation, will love and beloved each other.

Warning: violence/blood 

After her abyss, the girl chose to revenge.

Siéntase bien en un día soleado.
Espero poder volar.

Feel good on a sunny day.
I hope I can fly.

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