I don't usually create art from a place of high emotion, but this was an exception. To be honest I can't even remember what I was upset about, just that I really needed to get it out 😂. This was very experimental for me back in 2012; I didn't worry about what I was putting where or why, I just did it. One of my biggest pieces at 22" x 16"!

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@JLGribble I really like this. I'm sure the depth of the cloudy space background is better in it's original form.

@JLGribble I really want to ask you more about your process now, after an introduction like your first sentence! (Mostly, if I'm in a state of high emotion, I tend to crash out of it really fast, burning up and burning out. Not great on the finishing of projects as a result. *wan grin*)

@OldBrushNewPaper Exactly! I usually need to be doing relatively well and have a good number of spoons to sit down and do artwork, and I have to pace myself lest I get burnt out. (1/?)

@OldBrushNewPaper Now this was a long time ago, so take it with a grain of salt, but for this piece, what made it different is that 1) I worked fast; even tho this is large, the time investment was minimal; and 2) I wasn't concerned with the results; I was fully prepared to throw it away if it turned out terrible; this allowed me to just feel what I was feeling and make marks on the paper without being concerned if it was "good" or not; the fact that it turned out "well" was happinstance. (2/2)

@JLGribble Ooh, thank you for all that!!

Excuse me, going off to follow you, now...

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