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Protip: If you're an and/or art appreciator who is missing the app-that-must-not-be-named, that 'media' tab on profiles sure is nice. 😉 This is honestly a reminder for myself as well. 😂 It's really handy to be able to get a bird's eye view of what kind of art a person has posted so far without having to break your thumb scrolling through their page! 💖

It’s nice enough to draw outside, but the leaves aren’t back yet, so I sketched a tree in the park yesterday.

Just ordered a tube of from , not gonna get it until after May but I'm super excited!! 🤩

I drew my girls Mimi and Arlé for the hashtag on twitter. I had fun drawing them in cute flower outfits~

I'm gonna put this to bed. Once and for goddamn all.


For the sake of argument, assume the following:
- The wizard in question is HUMAN
- The wizard in question wears MONOCHROMATIC ROBES in a shade of either Red, Blue, Green, or Black
- The wizard in question is NOT a lich, ghost, vampire, or any other sort of undead.

Watching , episode 12 about . I'm really loving all the things has to say. She talks about envisioning your ideal self. She said it's like the difference between being stranded in the ocean with no land in sight, versus being stranded in the ocean but there's something on the horizon to swim towards. You might not know exactly how to get there, but at least there's a direction to go in.

is so good y'all. I know there are a lot of . I personally struggle with podcasts, they either sound like NPR shows or a bunch of friends just shooting the shit, it makes it hard for me to listen to. But this one seems really balanced, the artists are all amazing and bring their own perspectives to the table, they tackle different topics, and they have several artists of color as hosts, please check it out it needs WAY more love!!!

"NFTs Are a Pyramid Scheme and People Are Already Losing Money"

"To many, it’s a means of overthrowing the existing regime; when you look a little closer, you realize that it’s just an extreme manifestation of neoliberalism. Instead of convincing you to buy stuff that you don’t need, they’re convincing you to buy imaginary optimism based on a mass enchantment. "

...and yes, that is as frustrating and expensive as it sounds. Mostly though I am just grateful that between the two of us we have the resources to make this move and we don't have to be stuck here. I'm sure Colorado is overall nice but we've had the worst luck here, and I believe it's because it's not where we're meant to be. We're in the middle of packing and will be leaving at the end of the month! Just wanted to let y'all know cuz idk how much time, if any, I'll have to post art. <3

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Sorry I've been so quiet y'all. My partner and I moved from Arkansas to Colorado in October of last year, and now we're moving from here to New Jersey. There are a lot of reasons but basically their job didn't work out and I have family in New Jersey...

you can't even blame the matrix on 'what if it's a simulation??' becoming the furthest extent of engagement the nerd psyche is capable of with anything that moves an inch left of the morbidly commodified consensus ideologies of late stage capitalism they inhabit by choice, b/c there you have a complex gnostic allegory and an incredibly on-your-face trans metaphor that nerds collectively bullet-timed in favour of 'wow big computer'

@HazelTheCrazyGoatLady @skelltan yeah, Chu has been celebrated by many critics as the rising star of trans theory. I wrote a review of Females if your curious:

There's a lot of shilling for cryptoart isn't there. I legit just saw someone say "it's the most direct way to support artists without a middleman". Bro just paypal them money

If you want my opinion, NFTs are a thing for movie villains who claim ownership of the earth and/or destroy it

I really love these colors, I need to revisit this palette!!! Also, even all these years later, I'm still very pleased with how the hair came out! That arm though 😅 I must have been struggling with the proportions because looking at it now, it seems just a bit too long... oops.

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