Are y'all tired of yet? πŸ˜‚ These are for mixes I'm particularly intrigued by. I saw someone make little mixing "flashcards" and that was cool but I wanted something that I could sort by either color and read either way... so I came up with this design. 😊 I like that they're small and sleek and you can read the top color no matter which way you turn it. Now I need to make a design for 3+ colors mixed together... πŸ€”

Detailed Study, Oil, 8x 6 inches
Available tomorrow morning on

Without our magnetosphere to protect us, the solar wind may have long ago stripped away Earth’s atmosphere, leaving Earth looking much more like Mars looks today: barren, dry, and lifeless.

Most of us don’t spend much time thinking about our magnetosphere, but it’s one of the many extraordinary things that make life possible on our little world.

Throwback to these Koroks I sculpted back in December for my boyfriend's birthday 🍁 One of my favorite projects ever!

'Selkies' for my book Seas Of Strangehollow which I'm launching on the 21st June! Don't miss it! You can get notified via my newsletter here: - third book in my Strangehollow world

I’ve wondered this same thing about photos of Japan for years, and he nailed it.

More May flower photos. Stellaria and germander speedwell. Both these and last week's forget-me-nots are available as 4k wallpapers here:

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Imagine #libraries don't exist, but there's this person who thought of them and is trying to convince everyone else about them.

-Borrow books for free? People are going to steal them!
-You can just come in to use a computer? Well that's just going to be abused by freeloaders.
-Staff? Who is going to pay them? Why should my taxes be wasted subsidising access to books for people who haven't saved and bought their own?

How many amazing things do we dismiss? What is our society missing out on?

OMG That wore me out 😩 I took a "however long it takes me" approach and that was a mistake πŸ˜…. Please forgive the terrible proportions on that face, these truly are color studies and it shows πŸ˜‚ That storefront is basically an abstract at this point. I improvised some clouds on the landscape and I think it saves it. The critter turned out the best I think and took the least amount of time! These are all 2" - 3".

There really aren't a lot of violet pigments are there? My go to for over a decade has been 's . A student grade paint! And yet I haven't met a purple yet that I've liked more. πŸ˜‚ The ultramarine violet and ultramarine red (both ) make very pretty mixes, so they got added to the roster as well. was a fun find and I'm looking forward to making some dark and moody separating mixes with it. :3

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I struggled to appreciate while using 's green shade version. I tried 's and instantly understood the hype. What a huge difference!

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I have almost all of these on my ! The only one I left out was since it's essentially a convenience mixture (I have both and on my palette). Lots of granulating here, which I still find challenging to work with sometimes, but I couldn't pass up those unique hues!!!

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Time for green! The whole top row made it onto my . I was really missing out not having all this time! From the bottom row, only and made the cut. 😎🌿 Does anyone know the best hashtag for color swatches and the like? πŸ€”

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I have a few of these yellows on my , but truthfully I don't use them much... they're mostly on there for mixing purposes, haha! just replaced the that I used for a long time. I don't know that I could explain my reasoning, I just... like it better! And of course that ... πŸ‘©β€πŸ³πŸ‘ŒπŸ’‹

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Next up, warm reds, oranges, and browns. That was a nice find, I had been looking for a vibrant red to add to my that was cooler than . The earth tones are very nice to work with, I like that they're super rich and luscious. πŸ₯° They replaced burnt sienna and burnt umber on my palette because I realized I just never use them. Out with the old, in with the new!

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Today I thought I'd share my meager collection, starting with magentas and cool reds. I didn't like when I first tried it, but it's grown on me and since made it's way onto my . Lots of - are super versatile and vibrant, and I love them! πŸ’–

Wasn't keen on the planets in this one, but I really like how the nebula came out

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