i tried recording a cover for the first time ahhhHH :lies_down:

what are you doing new year's eve - ella fitzgerald 🎵

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I finally made a dnd character

His name is Nyght and he’s a Tiefling wizard (specifically necromancy) and he has a weasel familiar named Wulf

He’s a goth thot

hahahha my laptop broke down and now I'm $400 poorer and wont have a functioning art laptop for 2 months ha ha ha ha im not crying youre crying ha ha

AN day 3 I have never been more dead and alive at the same time

whispers if anyone will be at AN, I will be at PP15, helping @eecks with her table all weekend!


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Made ink swatches of the shiny ink for this weekend~ will have at my table at AN, along w vial stands and empty bottles 🖋

it feels like ive been losing touch with a lot of my friends,, its scary to think about 😔

i barely post but i love to stop by masto and just look at all the beautiful art posted on here;; 😭 🙏 bless you lovely artists xoxo

i drew birthday art for my friend ft. our tegakie oc otp from 8 years ago,,, holy heck 2010

but I realize now that it looks kind of like mystic messenger fan art :( :(

mastodon.art/media/aK-39u3RaUL mastodon.art/media/wBIbrBi3ZAA

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Huh, I think this is more first actual draw of the year

i got sent home from work for being sick so i finally had some time to try drawing something weeps o(-< 😭

shrugs into the void


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