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Re-uploading my so I can actually pin it and bcuz I switched instances due to FOMO (just follow who you want. you dont have to leave your current instance :artpeek:).

Im Christopher Wade, Filmmaker and Animator!

I worked on BoJack Horseman and currently work fulltime w/ the gov'ment.

Im also an avid cartoon fan! I love JRPGs, cooking and of course talking about film, esp the one Im currently making called ! A brand new trailer is now in development! :ablobdj:

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Hey Friday everyone! Happy to see some fantastic artists here!

Check out the teaser to my upcoming film, The Will of Monsters! Its an action-adventure fantasy film about two Scarecrows teaming up with a witch to survive a violent flock of crows!

Today's our big moving day! Wife and I are loading up the heaviest items from Maryland and will make the long drive to our new home in a few hours!

Its been a long time fighting for a place of our own and we can finally sleep, work and live in it properly.

Very excited!🥰

We have the keys. My wife and I are officially HOMEOWNERS!! ❤️

Of course Id test covid-positive now, just days before closing on a new house.

I mask everywhere I go and the only other place I hit up besides work is the grocery store.

Fucking sucks.

Cant wait to show off what we've been putting together for the next WILL OF MONSTERS trailer!

Im VERY proud of all the work we've done and I feel like its gonna blow our last teaser out the water! I WISH I COULD SHOW YALL NOW but we'll release some sneak-peeks again soon! 😉

Sweet, tap-dancing Christ, MONKEY WRENCH is SO stylish and fun and ALIVE! I LOVE IT SO MUCH! Lots of cool characters and cool worldbuilding bounty-hunting adventures 😍 💓

GO WATCH THIS! Its such a great example of Independent Animation! It really deserves more attention.

Several years later, I still really like how this Atelier Shallie DX fanart of Ayesha turned out. (╹◡╹)🌸

A still from near the end of the video, showing the render now as a prop from a different angle than the original render.

The segmentation wasn't perfect, you can see the remains of the "interior element" on the surface of the sphere, where I didn't erase carefully enough.

And the model for the paper/desk is probably too simple. I would probably also add some kind of base, and maybe color the back of the sphere.

But this clearly IS a usable workflow.

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I had a commission done by the lovely @Cresscin of my OC Papaya Hex-Haggle and her enchanted silkwyrm, Razzberry! She came out so vibrant and cute! 💖

Thank you so much, Fie! 😃

The lunar surface isn't just uniformly grey. These colour enhanced images show that the lunar surface has a range of colours depending on the mineral content of that part of the surface.

Imposter Syndrome, the scourge just about every artist has to contend with whenever it rears its head up, myself included. It gets a bit easier over time but it never fully goes away.

Ah! Also, a preview of the illustration I made for that final fantasy zine, on sale at artist tables at TCAF this weekend

Don't think I've posted this art test I did for a studio (they let me use my own character so I picked Vlad) Anyway, they rejected me 8) of course.

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