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Hello! I'm Inky Doodle, a character designer and illustrator. I mostly draw my ocs (majority of them being object heads.) I also have a species called Saplings that I'm using for a future story.

It's my birthday! A smol birthday doodle here since I'm taking the day for myself

Rainy mood today so I made a new bean. They'll bake you cookies then give some warm blanket <3

I doodled and redesigned a few of my older object heads!

-Ethan a friendly mason jar
-David the rotary phone info dealer
-Flicker a paranormal hunter with their ghost bf
-Terrance the apricot college student
And I never gave a name for the ghost candle but he lives with ghost pets in a mansion

tw: minor blood, body horror & possible spoilers 

tw: minor blood, body horror & possible spoilers 

Warning: Dark backstory 

Messed around with the paints in clip studio paint. I'm mixed on this piece because I love the background, but at the same time I don't feel it fits the illustration well (if that makes sense..)

This illustration is based off the song We're Still Underground by Eve

(ps the one on the left is my vent sona, I'm alright I just like them with my sona sometimes. Warning, they've got 4 eyes so marked just in case)

Talking with my friends got me in the mood to remake my first oc!
He was originally a toon, but now he's made of marshmallow (with a hint of magic.)

Wasn't feeling the best today so I doodled a bit.
Song is I'd Rather Sleep by Kero Kero Bonito

Tried using screentones in an illustration. I might practice more in the future, but I'm happy with how it turned out!

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