Hi. I'm Gen and I'm a character artist who, like most, has been having a hard time finding her place in the mess that is now most social media. I've built a lot of nests over the years, none of them comfortable for very long, but I'm hoping this place will change that!

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@Illustragrump Welcome Gen, to the weird, wonderful world of the fediverse. Nice to have you here! 😄 Finding people to follow is a bit more challenging as no one will tell you who you aught to like, but tags and following lists of people you find are your friend.

Hope you have a fab time here, stick around and post more of your art!

@Blort It's been a bit of a confusing journey so far, but I'm figuring it out slowly!

I'll definitely be posting more art soon, once I get a bit more comfortable with the layout. Thanks so much for the warm welcome! 😊

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