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Finally got around to seeing and the new , and I loved them both!

Did a quick of Princess Charlie at work. I'll probably do a much better pic of her when I get home to my !

I am no longer on YouTube (due to their pending 2020 changes that are endangering all creators on the platform), so please instead follow me:


or BitChute:

Thank you!

Did a of some old artwork I did of my OC, Ilienaren. Incorporated his new design into the new drawing, as well.

I have no idea when the original (right) drawing was created...somewhere around 2014/2015?

But was forever ago. lol

The BIG that I'm DONE doing just character art...because that's literally all I did between the ages of 13 and 29. 😭

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I think the problem with my muse, over the last year, is I've found myself smothered by content that I don't find inspiring nor meaningful...some of which I USED to find inspiring and meaningful, but don't anymore.

Time to shake things up~ :bob_ross:

I know how much you guys LOVE Patreon plugs, but I'm moving all my world-building and writing there, so if you would like to support me for a small amount per month while also staying in the loop as I work on my personal stories (and artwork related to it), feel free to check out what's available:

Thank you! ❀️

Okay, some important updates: I am now accepting Bitcoin for commissions! I am also accepting transfers from banks/credit unions partnered with Zelle. This was decided to take the headache out of dealing with PayPal, if you decide you don't want to. 😁

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