Hey, I'm back! Now that Tumblr's admins have gone off the deep end, you'll PROBABLY see me on here a lot more. lol

Some recent drawings from my journal. Day job has me doing visual stuff on a screen all day, so I'm taking a break from digital for a while.

Testing out Clip Studio Paint Pro. I like it, but there's still stuff I need to play around with so I'm not running around like an artist with its hand chopped off. No OC in particular, this was just a test. mastodon.art/media/Ug0cHlSkBjg

I had a fluff attack and needed to get this out of my system, don't hurt me. LOL

MastoArt fam that's been drawing since they were kids, what was the most prominent thing you drew in the early years? My thing was mermaids!


My #2017 Year of . Everything started looking up after I finally left deviantART back in July and started getting more into roleplay. Made me realize, from the outside, what garbage that site has become. :'<

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