For the sake of mental health and my general happiness, I am no longer doing creative work/commissions/gigs for money. Having art be a job was never my original intention, and I want to return to just creating stuff for fun.

Isolation has bored me into going back to playing Dishonored 2, and the bloodflies inspired me to doodle a bug.

The BIG that I'm DONE doing just character art...because that's literally all I did between the ages of 13 and 29. 😭

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I think the problem with my muse, over the last year, is I've found myself smothered by content that I don't find inspiring nor meaningful...some of which I USED to find inspiring and meaningful, but don't anymore.

Time to shake things up~ :bob_ross:

I know how much you guys LOVE Patreon plugs, but I'm moving all my world-building and writing there, so if you would like to support me for a small amount per month while also staying in the loop as I work on my personal stories (and artwork related to it), feel free to check out what's available:

Thank you! ❀️

So I'm a little burnt out on drawing characters, and I've found myself drawn to painting environments a lot more lately. Probably because my latest project is a lot more about the SETTING than it is about the characters. The characters are important, too, but the setting is like...the Big Bad.

Hey, I'm back! Now that Tumblr's admins have gone off the deep end, you'll PROBABLY see me on here a lot more. lol

Testing out Clip Studio Paint Pro. I like it, but there's still stuff I need to play around with so I'm not running around like an artist with its hand chopped off. No OC in particular, this was just a test.

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