me playing with the lighting.

Do you like soft or dramatic light?

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this is frederick, an albino leafy seadragon mer

his home shoal didn't want him because he's not highly pigmented like everyone else, and after a series of highly unfortunate events, he ended up in the arctic. he can't leave because he's Bad at swimming so now he farms clams and relies on the charity of his orca friend and his human boo

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I did this little project where I was asked to include a small presentation of the process. So I included some sketches and thoughts from my design notes. It's not really a #drawingutorial, but I rarely see any design notes floating around online and I know people do do them so I thought I would share.
#mastoart #art #worldbuilding

I'm late to this but decided to still try and see if i have the same face problem. What do you think?
I surely have a same angle problem :'D

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a couple of paintovers i did for a couple of peeps
just solidifying shadows and clarifying shape volumes

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This was for a secret santa on tumblr. Victuuri dancing underwater!

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