listening to music while drawing.
autoplay is on.
Starts drawing nose.
Boss music starts playing.

This started off as a galaxysona but maybe turned out to be more of a galaxy oc? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Let's make politicians play by NASCAR rules: when you get a contribution from a corporation, you put that corporation's logo on your suit and briefcase.

lets end the practice of paying people to keep people from being free

Girl 34

This is one of the heads from the 100 heads challenge that I did a while back. My friend really liked this one for some reason. So I decided to clean it up a bit and render it out. I am fairly happy with the final result.

INPUT TOOL: XP-Pen Deco pro Medium don't know but I think I should make like...other posts than just sharing yeah...

Nice weather.

a non fascist explanation for Japan's birth rate is simply that they're running into the limits of an austere and neoliberal society that is widely debt ridden and churns out men who sacrifice their lives and well beings for companies that don't really offer them much in exchange.

Todays illustrated haiku - Im super happy with the poem in this one! Took quite a bit of tweaking but I realised that eradicating punctuation made the way it could be split up pretty malleable.

@dankwraith yeah i mean you can think about all education this way; the reason education is valuable is because the world is full of infinite fractal beauty and complexity and a lifetime of learning about it is the best way to spend your limited time on earth, but instead we just think of education as a glorified job training program

Video game take 

Famous Hollywood actors in video games got old after the Red Alert series.

The concept of "intelligence" (and with it all of its accoutrements: "genius," "talent," "smart," etc) serves nothing but the interests of the colonialist capitalist class.

It's a normalization/mythologizing of the real reasons why people end up with money and power. And it isn't because they have better mental capacities.

aliens: what is this planet about

humans: i am going to LIGHTLY POISON myself for FUN

aliens: *rolls up the windows on the spaceship*

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