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Nearly done de-wrecking my basement painting space, it’ll be like I was never here.

This stuff works so incredibly well and is saving my ass/security deposit that I feel like I'm turning into a shill for it lol. I tried a bunch of stuff to de-acrylic the basement floor and nothing even came close to this (not an ad but if they want to pay me that'd be neat thx)

Really hitting FB marketplace and Craigslist to try to snag a Leap Motion on the cheap. I have a spark of an idea, and I really want to pick one up to get interactive with things 🧐

Colorado bound in august, officially. Super nervous, but excited at the same time!

Recently finished up this collaborative piece wit Trippy Vixen Creations! An abstract mashup of styles (piece available)

The piece was successfully delivered, with just a little hiccup. Less than a week till I’ll be in California throwing paint up on it!

Shipped. I’ll post the finished piece tomorrow, or at least what’s considered finished enough before painting at the festival.

The scope of my big project just keeps getting crazier. It still doesn't feel real to so explicitly be having what feels like "my big break" in regards to installations and large scale projects. Everything I've been working for for the past 5 years is finally right in front of me and it's going to take a bit of elbow grease, but I'm just so excited. Still can't show anything, but I *can* say I'm working with Otherworld on some insane stuff.

Made an infinity mirror mockup generator to iterate ideas quicker than raytracing renders

Trying to come up with some novel takes on an infinity mirror room 🤔

Trying to make a concerted effort to use this site more now, especially given the recent news. Wip.

This is gonna play a big part in my near future 3D stuff. It has to wait for other projects to get finished, but I finally figured something out and can’t wait to do more with it

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