Trying this again because I'm bad at technology. I think I get how Mastodon works though!

I'm Hypnagogist (or just Hypna), a multi-media psychedelic/visionary artist. I do stuff like this, but my main interests right now are in real-time and interactive applications, where I can combine new and old media.

I look forward to connecting with everyone!

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@mauro Thank you! I haven’t been able to do as much 3D as I’d like over the past year, because my computer is on its last legs, but I need to get back to more of it!

@LPS Thank you! I'm really fascinated by the possibilities of the Fediverse at large and can't wait to see where it all goes!

Fantastic! Welcome hypna! Hope you keep on tooting these marvelous works 💕

@znkd Thank you! I'm enjoying this place a lot more than Twitter already lol

Oh the birdsite! I started an account there around a month ago. For "marketing" reasons. Def enjoy more here too. There are a few ppl i enjoy to interact with there. But hate that algorithm that shove in your face the posts that it has learnt will probably make u hit the like button. Feels hideous 😂

@znkd Oh completely lol. I'm mainly from IG (waiting for Pixelfed to catch on more lol) and I'm just so sick of the algorithms. It's completely tanked my reach among my own audience😖. I'm still using some of the other sites, but I'm finding Mastodon so much more welcoming from a community standpoint than others!

@Hypnagogist What I don't like about IG is that belongs to FB 😂 aaand it compress horrendously your images, also they have to be like more square-like in aspect ratio. I'm in pixelfed too, but haven't posted there in a while def needs a bit more community there. And I've seen posts and accounts from pixelfed through an app called fedilab, I connect with my mastodon account there. I suppose if you post in pixelfed with the MastoArt tag it may show here(?)

@znkd Cool, I'll check that out! I haven't really messed around with Pixelfed and such a ton yet, so I'm interested to see how they interconnect

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