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Working on knocking this little commission out so I can get to some of the stuff that I’ve been really wanting to test

“Let me boot up Touchdesigner real quick, it’ll certainly be 30 minutes and not 3 hours of experimentation”
-me every single time

Not happy with how my render turned out, here’s a cat instead, back to the drawing board

It’s done! Now it goes in the vault for around a month, but I’m excited to gift it when the time comes!

Prob the last time I’ll update this piece before fully finishing

There’s some thing that I just miss about working in watercolor it feels good to come back to

Last mural of this little stretch done. Now I get a break from mural’n (unless someone hits me up for a big one)

I’ll finally have time soon to really go hard on 3D art again. I’ve had the urge for a long time, but things have been too crazy to drop everything for it

Cut first mural day a bit short because of the heat, but I got a solid amount down for a rough idea

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