Yeah sex is cool, but can it match the thrill of finding a vintage Garfield ruler? 😏

Using my friend's GAN algorithm and Touch Designer to generate some interesting results

Touch Designer is one of the only programs I can *accidentally* spend 5 hours in just dicking around. I have some cool stuff to share soon though 😜

I’m starting to see some potential in C4D for me 🤔 (still not used to how different the modeling feels from Modo tho)

An old 3D piece, when I was doing a lot of experimentation with a paper cutout render style. I may revisit the style, because I still like this piece as a whole (maybe something with head tracking and Touch Designer?)

I think I’m replacing Clip Studio Paint with Artstudio Pro for everything digital paint related, its brush engine is like butter 🤤

Anyone who doesn’t remember their dreams is missing out on vital world building and gameplay

Aw heck, I was supposed to be productive today but my mind just wants to learn C4D

I finally got my license, way after most people do it, but I did it 👀

I really need to design something to 3D print again, I have a whole roll of filament just sitting around

I’ve entered the phase of my life that I just keep finding random things that have gotten paint all over them

I successfully treated myself to an art supply (and Kirby) run at Blick (Kirby not from Blick)

Well, looks like it's time to spend more money than I should on art supplies

Finally finished my first ! I wish I had one more day to polish, but I’m pretty happy with it overall! Learned a ton from this painting and I hope it’s the first of many!

Thinking about finally doing another painting in the latter half of this week, so here’s my first concept in my

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