Some projection mapping stuff I still have in the works, I need to get back to finishing this project asap

Ranting about social media 

A lot of social media (namely IG for me) actively punishes you if you don't document every little detail of your artistic process, and that's really frustrating. I enjoy showing WIPs occasionally, but I much prefer to showcase an end project than to show step-by-step progress pics (and as my projects get more ambitious, the longer that takes lol).

The private, reclusive aspects of my personality are at odds with the constant need for the content machine to be fed.😵

Last night, I had a great idea where I was like "I need to write that down"
I didn't, and now it's lost forever 😫

Finally finished with one of the main logo animations! I still plan on doing versions for each with text, but I haven't decided what I want that to look like yet. Gotta keep working before my Adobe subscription expires lol

I was planning on being done with these color palettes, but I had the idea to do a lava lamp inspired one that I'm really digging

The first mural I'm getting to do just got an upgrade to double the size, from 7"x10" to 15"x18"! It's a bit overwhelming to think about, but I'm stoked! 😤

Halfway done with the animation on this thing, despite my frustrations in AE. I'll still probably have some tweaks to this design, but this is the main color I want to focus on.

No software feels so simultaneously feels so powerful and infuriating like After Effects. I hate you Adobe (unless you sponsor me one day then I take it all back).

After ages on an iPhone 7+ with a failing battery, I finally have a new phone 😤

Losing internet for the night is actually making me stick to my meditation routine and shit

Logo designs! I still haven't settled on a main color palette, but I'm really happy with these so far! I want to do an After Effects animation when I finish with the main coloration.

One of the first things I drew when I accidentally ordered a sketchbook that was way larger than I intended

Trying to design a logo for yourself when your work is anything but minimal is hard 😵
I gotta brush up on my graphic design.

It's looking like USPS lost the original copy of this piece in the mail 😔. I had insurance on it, but I'd rather my buyer actually get my work than it be lost to the ether

The fan piece of The Midnight Gospel that I did recently. First watercolor that I did on Arches paper and it made a massive difference in my workflow. I have to get back to watercolors too, there are just too many different things to work on right now.

Ordered a big batch of paints for my upcoming mural project! I'm stoked to get to work on this thing!

Some kitbashing and tests in Teya Conceptor. Really unique program that I'm going to have to put through its paces over the next few days!

I really need to work in this black sketchbook more. I haven’t done a ton of drawings in it, but I always like how they turn out

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