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I wanna do a hot sauce label sometime, I should start following some local hot sauce companies 🤔🌶

I think July is going to be a constant state of panic, but it’ll be panic in preparation for some really cool stuff

Cranking out more work on these merchandise collabs. I’d like to get one more out there, but time is getting more and more scarce as festival stuff approaches.

Working on a bandana screen print design that I should be finishing tomorrow

Finally got solid vids of my painting, I’ll be able to finally show the end result soon

I can’t believe I used C4D for like 5 months in attempt to switch, only to install Blender for the first time in years for one specific plug-in and complete click with Blender. With a little tweaking, Blender feels super natural for me, primarily moving from Modo, and I was just stubborn because I really hated Blender’s old UX 😆. I was a fool, and I’m going to spend the next week switching fully and tuning it to my liking.

Finally have the final animation for my projection painting. I can’t wait to get final footage and finally close the book on this thing (and hopefully sell it?). Post probably happening Monday for it.

Crunching nonstop for the next two days, but on the other side of it, I should have the coolest piece I’ve made probably ever

The first sketchbook page in a while that I genuinely really like, I’d like to develop this more into a full piece

Also, I have a meeting tomorrow with someone that I never in a million years would have expected to work with, and it feels so fuckin surreal. I don't know if anything is going to come of it, but I hope to be able to talk about it soon, fingers crossed 🤞

Making business cards rn, because surprise, having business cards is actually a pretty good idea

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