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Highland Park IL 

I very nearly lost a good friend today, and it's still completely surreal. Thankfully they were able to make it out and back to safety, but having someone that close to an event like this is beyond unsettling. They were in the cafe that was the target of the gunfire. America.

Less than a month until I’m in Colorado, and it feels pretty surreal. Nervous, excited, ready to make some pretty damn big steps in life!

The algorithm seems to give no love to these Touchdesigner experiments, but imma keep doing them anyway because I enjoy them

Blender is certainly finicky for ultra-precise CAD-like work, but with enough tuning, I’ve gotten quite adept at it. All of this super technical modeling work for these installations is honing in my workflow, which is going to be a huge help as I build up some personal projects

The end is in sight for this piece, finally. Still a ton to do and polish, but that’s just elbow grease

It’s been years since I’ve been this sick 🥴

Going to redo my longboard trucks from scratch, each mistake and tweak is something to learn from for next time. Just not quite happy with the durability of the surface

With all of my moving, it’s been a hot minute since I’ve just had time to sit down with a simple pen and sketch, so I bought a fresh new sketchbook to do just that

Nothing makes me want to heap all of my belongings into a bonfire like moving

Well imagine my disappointment that the Leap Motion tracking software doesn’t work on macOS Monterey yet. I would have waited if I knew that was the case. Hoping that support is added soon and I won’t just be sitting on a peripheral for an indeterminant amount of time.

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