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if the missions are impossible how does tom cruise keep doing them

Oops, I actually spent the whole evening watching Chopped

Looks like Arteza is sending me some free stuff to review again, so that’s fun. I was fairly mixed on the stuff they sent last time, though it wasn’t terrible. I do think they have some solid entry level stuff for people who are wanting to get a little bit more in depth with their art

This month has been a bit bad and I'm worried I won't be able to pay my rent, so if you want to support me you can:
- check out my shop:
- tip me:
- or boost this, thanks 💙

My commissions are also open! Info and examples here

I realized that the quality of this pic is actually quite bad, so I’ll probably repost tomorrow when I have better lighting

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I bought cool ranch Doritos for the first time in ages and they’re still one of the most overrated snack foods ever made.

My new keyboard is obnoxiously loud, I love it.

It’s not every day that I get advertised to with an ad that uses my art without my permission

I'm still working on this vector piece collab with Kyle Dineen for a potential shirt design. Still a long way to go, but I’m starting to like it. I’m not super satisfied with the flow of my top portion, but that’ll be ironed out.

I have to start shilling my work everywhere in hopes that I can replace my aging machine with one of the new M1 Mac minis, because it’s looking like the best budget option to hold me off while I finally put this thing out to pasture. Barely getting by is barely doing it anymore.

One last post of this piece, since I scanned it in and cleaned it up for the final result.

I had a person randomly buy 2 stickers from my etsy even though I haven't mentioned Etsy in ages. Joke's on them, they get 4 instead :polarbears:

Messing with this concept a bit more, getting closer to having a working idea to get started on the watercolor with.

My friend is running a kickstarter for a set of super adorable enamel pins that y’all should check out if you’re interested :)

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