"Cry Baby Clown" is doing her best to keep it together this Valentine's day. Along with this teary-eyed wimp, Patre0n members will receive an extra special valentine from me!
She will be available all month long and then she goes in the vault with the rest of the past HB sticker club designs.


"Do you like it? 🥺👉👈"

This lil heart baby is going to be available with the Valentine's Day drop! He is a 3x3in vinyl sticker.


She's finished and she is d r i p p i n g in sunshine ✨

"Salty and Sweet" is a 3x3in vinyl sticker available exclusively through my Patreon Sticker Club for the month of January. Please consider supporting me as the sticker club is one of my favorite projects!


@Lizbear thank you for the encouragement! I thought a lot about composition for this series.

I took a bit of time today to officially start my zodiac series! Capricorns are an enigma to me but I did my best to portray that smug aura in their body language. Having this solid sketch to work from will be highly motivating. What do you think?


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