Normalize people changing their name. Cis people too.

People should be in control of how they present themselves to the world whenever possible. The idea that you're stuck with people calling you something you don't like because of a decision someone else made for you is. Pretty crap

Queer Eye but it's five straight guys showing their priveleges.

Replaying Fallout NV for pridemonth. Be gay do crimes.

Just love these posts telling me a bi transwoman that I hate transpeople.

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Tfw you find hbomb on here but he hasn't posted since 2018

Tumblr: We are a family friendly service
Also Tumblr: Now which one of these pedophiles/nazis do you want to follow today?

Oh almost posted before reading the terms of service ;D Don't want mastodon to pull a facebook or deviantart on me.

She's the angriest girl you've ever seen.
She's the angry transgender ...nerd.

That doesn't even rhyme in the original.

should've hopped on teh bandwaggon back then but now with this trans thing, it's just not the same as some 40 year old dude yelling slurs because of videogames.

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Sometimes you gotta think back to the simpler times, when videos of men getting angry at things was still a novel concept.

...buuut I can't seem to login there. Do I need a seperate account for each one?

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In Germany we don't have that "I'll die to defend your right to call for the extermination of minorities" attitude to free speech that I hear from Americans so often.

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why are tehre three different timelines for people I don't follow?

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