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I made this Illustration to have sun fun. I have a lot of client work and I needed something to clear my mind.

Okay this prompt absolutely rocked, I couldn't help but generate a ton and pick out the best ones. Some real "Old Fantasy Novel Illustration" vibes

For various reasons, I tried to drag San Francisco into the depths of the earth. Mixed success.

Just a couple more for tonight, slightly lower-quality than the last. Doesn't quite feel like a proper replacement for painting, but it's still a lot of fun!

I got carpal tunnel which is why you don't see me posting art anymore. Hopefully that will resume sooner or later, in the meantime I'm going to fill the void with AI art

Daily , Day 26!
This was a pretty fun one, think I like the brush I was trying out too.

Daily , day 23
Not much to say, still working out how best to work with multiple brushes with these.

Daily not-so-2-minute-sketches, day 22. There was no post today, so I did a longer landscape study as a treat

Daily , day 21!
3 weeks, already over... crazy. I'm still not all that comfortable with the other brushes, I may have to do some more practice on my own to compensate.

Daily , day 20!
Still experimenting with those brushes, trying to find the best use for them. It'll probably take a while for things to stabilize and improve more, but I'll get there.

Daily , day 19.
Today I'm beginning the slow process of experimenting with other brushes, a big but difficult step for me in the digital art realm. Bear with me, I'll make it work eventually. Also, some other warmup sketches just for fun.

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