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Daily , day 23
Not much to say, still working out how best to work with multiple brushes with these.

Daily not-so-2-minute-sketches, day 22. There was no post today, so I did a longer landscape study as a treat

Daily , day 21!
3 weeks, already over... crazy. I'm still not all that comfortable with the other brushes, I may have to do some more practice on my own to compensate.

Daily , day 20!
Still experimenting with those brushes, trying to find the best use for them. It'll probably take a while for things to stabilize and improve more, but I'll get there.

Daily , day 19.
Today I'm beginning the slow process of experimenting with other brushes, a big but difficult step for me in the digital art realm. Bear with me, I'll make it work eventually. Also, some other warmup sketches just for fun.

Daily , day 18!
Once I have the time I plan to assemble last month's sketches into a single larger canvas, should be fun to see how that looks assembled.

Spent the past several weeks scouring my old blog's archives, and my hard drives, and resurrecting dead code to bring you this: A post documenting over a dozen of my early college projects and prototypes, with video footage!

Over the past few months, I've been running a panoramic exquisite corpse called "Panoram--uhhhhhh". Today we unveiled the completed canvas over at!

To celebrate, here are the two slices I made: The starting slice everyone else built off of, and the ending slice that brought the ends back together.

Daily , day 15. I like how the camera came out here, I think I did a pretty good job with the vibes of that one.

Here's the last batch of art I made in last month's OC collab.

Today's characters:
- Leather Bear&Baby Bear (for Soph)
- Pua (for mochi)
- Kimi (for redandblack64)
- Tanya the Tank (for ambivorous)

As always, I recommend checking everyone's work at!

I want to adress something that was bothering me for days: it's ok to be a beginner and to post your art!

I've been reading many posts with "sorry, I'm a beginner but want to share" and honestly, I don't think anyone should be sorry for posting any level of art. You are aware of your skill and that it can be improved, that's awesome! By seeking feedback and tips you can improve. As someone, who was painting for years, I'm improving still.

If it makes you happy: paint, draw, create! And share❤️

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