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Howdy, have an ! I'm Hugues Ross, an amateur painter. I'm also a doing both FOSS indie games and professional AAA projects!

Following the sketches from earlier I was still in the mood to paint, so I decided to just throw some noref stuff together. This was... eh. Not so good.

, Day 3!
Kind of a rough day for me, tablet calibration started wrong and threw me off a bit...oh well, there's always tomorrow :D

Hey again! Been busy, but I have some more free time to post.
Here are some more pieces I made - they are all mockups of text mode games.
First is The Chaos Engine, second is Prey 2017 (as a dungeon crawler), third is Hades as an isometric roguelike, and last is Pokémon.
One thing I find interesting about PETSCII is drawing the line between what is readable or not, what works symbolically speaking or not, and how I can build meaning with what is quite blocky.

work for ! Trying out a new triangle brush today, to replace my diamond brush.

...for some reason it took 3 uploads for the caption to take on this one 🤨

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Personally, I've always appreciated comments more than favs/shares... so from now on I'm going to try and comment more on stuff I see. It doesn't come naturally to me, but hopefully my intent will come across anyway!

Painted a study for today's . What do you think? It's pretty fun drawing something that's not meant to be for uni for a change.

My oc Gold with his lycanthropy transformation - v - 💕


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