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Greetings! I am completely new to Mastodon. But it seems like it's the latest Twitter replacement, and the community just seems drama-free unlike DA and Tumblr.

As a new artist/user, just saying hi and trying things out!

New avatart/icon I made for myself given that it is now winter. I hate the cold though lol so that's why she's grumpy.

Commission I did for someone on FB. They wanted a Neko Chef guy. There are many things in terms of lighting, no cast shadows, and perspective that I am not happy with on this. But the person liked it, and so I let it go.

But next time I will do better.

Noticed I've been a bit dead on here lol. So here's 4 Inktobers. (I intend to do the rest super late since they're all thumnailed.)

I also did OCtober where they're all my OCs except for on day 3 Bait, where the girl gijinka belongs to my good friend @sinamuna
I had a lot of fun practicing inks and tones.

So umm.. not sure if this is allowed to be posted here, if not I'm sorry and I'll remove it..

But I recently got accepted to Don Bluth University to learn from Don Bluth himself, animation for a year.

I don't usually like asking for money, but if anyone could help I'm much appreciative.

Heeeeey I'm no dead and actually have art. Streamed this tonight, but I'm probably not gonna post speedpaint till I finish.

My character Kanji and his mother Ukei.

Ugh job has me swamped. Either way, I managed to get an attack for ArtFight done!

It's for someone on ArtFight.

Attack me please if you're on there! =D

Sorry guys, got a job, lost a lot of free time.

This is two images of one of my characters. Practice animation and softer style.

AMVs count as art right? I mean like the song isn't yours, the clips aren't yours, but there's still an art to editing them. I think... Matching the lyrics and all that.

Either way I made an AMV. First one since 2012 actually so my editing might be choppy.

I don't even know. I was just listening to the song in the vid, and felt like drawing to the song. This came out of it. I guess she's a spirit of some sort. I dunno.


Trying to get a hang of drawing adult Asriel for consistency and a ... project.

Spoilers for SSSS.Gridman ep6.

Anoshiras II

Or as I’ve taken to calling her, Ano-Chan

This one is an old character too. However, her design isn't old. She was in the RP but never really described. Just that she looked a lot like her daughter. So I finally designed her.

I revamped Patreon!

I hope to use it as a motivation to get better and venture into animatics and animation more.

The character revisions continue.

Ari and Zara. Two 'Creators' (they didn't actually create the concept or force. They just hold the 'title' and govern it in their universe.

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