Not exactly a Sailor Moon Redraw...
More of a Sailor Moon Re-Meme. And a bit of an experiment!!!
It's my first try at a , haha💦 ✨🃏

A for a short(-ish) I would like to kick off within the year! :O

It's about vampiric demons who feed off the dreams of humans! :O

This is kinda random but I wanna say thanks for being nice.

Everywhere on social media I kinda yeet art and run
But I wanna say thanks here because like, an actual community hosts a server that I can post on,

whereas I feel no need to thank a mega-corp-normie-site site for anything

There's this new girl in town... Never heard of her... She seems to go by "Lia"... (It's Tsura!!)

Ref sheets are kinda hard for me to make myself do, but they're good for communication.


Trying out the Ko-Fi thing where it lets me send links to rewards...

Ko-Fi gang where y'all at-- any of you have one? 😔 What's Ko-Fi gold like?

LUX:vrdn & Yellow Hyacinth
It's a big part of their character... and lately, I've been holding on to some yellow hyacinths of my own. 💐🥀

(I'm still new @ these);; mastoart

A little painting of Teto!
I wanted to have fun with tape. I gotta be careful about the adhesiveness though.

I miss UTAU/VocalSynth stuff 😢
I gotta find something I wanna do...

Drew this earlier this month!

Of course, typical me, so she ended up being a cute witch/magical girl.
I'm a big fan of black and white, but does a color overlay make things more interesting? 🤔

Howdy—! I'll be doing commissions this year! Let's start with Animal Crossing! :O 🐾🍃

Human or animal villagers… In full color, lines, or icons! $10-$20

Consider sharing with people who might be interested! 🔁✨

"Self Control"
digital photograph, 2019.

I stumbled on this outside a martial arts dojo. I've uploaded it to the Internet Archive and made it available for all manner of remixing fun:

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