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Gonna have commissions again, here and there!

Info & TOS:
Submission Form:

Sharing is highly appreciated! 👽💜
Feel free to start/reach out in DMs.

Friendo-Mutuals... if you'd hypothetically be ok w/ me sending you a holiday card, like the tweet.

I'm too shy to ask!!

Made... stickers!!!
I'm like "wow".
"My character is a sticker......."

*peeks head out on main*
I get shyer and shyer...

I'm so cozy on side...

I come on main to clear out "Topic!!" notifications,
and then go back to side.

[ 🌱] ... Learnt a lot for next time! Had a blast regardless...

Hmm... it's not that digital art is easy, but analog is really hard. 😩

[ 🎸] April's guitar may be fitted with weaponry, but her favorite thing to do is soothe ghosts and help them pass!!

Man, I love her so much, and I only made her up in the span of a couple days.

I like making OCs who wear makeup but I feel like I'm terrible at rendering it 😭

[ 🎸] Gave myself an OC prompt that was like... "make an OC based on visual character tropes you crush(ed) for".
Her name's April! She's a sort of witch who battles demons and placates ghosts with her guitar...

Once again, I am thinking of drawing and rigging a Live2D avatar because I totally could,

It's just my sona is so boring and simplistic compared to VTubers™ so I just feel lame

[ 👼] Drew my OC Hevel as a Sky Kid from !
I've been having a lot of fun with the game. It's like, a chill MMO-Lite, or something.

The ol' wristaroo's been weary, (I've been posting existing art).
but I've been wanting to continue WindWaker streams so I can do MOTHER streams...

I have art I wanna share, but I always feel like I gotta do that with fanfare, at optimized times and with perfect hashtags 💤

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