"Self Control"
digital photograph, 2019.

I stumbled on this outside a martial arts dojo. I've uploaded it to the Internet Archive and made it available for all manner of remixing fun:


My character, Gemini! She is half fae, and has air elemental abilities! When she’s dancing, she barely touches the ground.

Science experiment: taking my lines in two ways...

These are kinda meant to be commission examples, but I think they're the first time I've shown this OC! Their name is Zahrah :O

Do you have a fave? I like the Black and White kind.

No art this time, maybe Sunday, but! I'll be playing Overwatch and then WindWaker :O RN!

Yo! The other day on Twitch I wanted to see what I could accomplish in ~1hr...

So I drew Tsura and quickly gave her colors underneath :O

Uhhhh it's kinda a low-$-end commission type asdlkfjaskjlfdh there's another kind I'll show tomorrow.

Digitally painted an analog sketch of (Twitter @) Demorrtis' OC Harun bc I have a BIG CRUSH and wanna BLUE-SKIDOO into Dem's work, be swept off my feet, and carried away 😔✊

The 5 (+2 Bonus) Twitch Emotes!
Shock, UwU, and Sing are going through the approval process... The other ones are for when we get more slots...!

Thanks to everyone who popped in & hung out yesterday!

& a link plug, as it goes. twitch.tv/hikatamika

Trying to upload things in chronological completion order...
Here's my Magical Hero ... Viri... being an absolute... *showoff...*


It's Sunday, but no livestream because there's trouble at home


I love these low-effort Mikus. I love them from across the internet ponds

Thanks to everyone who came out!! I had a lot of fun with this one actually!!

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I don't know much about sports, especially American, but my heart goes out to all those grieving the loss of Kobe Bryant. May he rest in peace.

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