artists: do you prefer to draw your 3/4 faces facing left or right? and are you left or right handed? (sorry ambis, i only get four poll options. feel free to comment)

@Hexephre i actually dont really have a preference (i flip canvases constantly and am inconsistent which direction i start with)! & am right-handed

@trashguts youre powerful!! i flip too but i 100% have a preference

@Hexephre Wait, "stage-left/right" or the character's left/right?

@Hexephre it changes other time, and I draw with my right hand. Though it seems I should be a left-handed :da_sweat:


As a maker of clip art, I find I use to flip the image left or right as needed...probably because I'm not really artistic...and *lazy*.

@Algot we don't use "not really artistic" and "lazy" in this house, we use "lifehacks" and "life's too short to do things the hard way" :) i always draw facing in one direction, then flip and edit! flipping is actually really good for you because it shows you your art from a new perspective and lets you spot things you didn't notice the first time.

@Hexephre im left handed but i’ve known about this “phenomenon” for quite some time and its really just about your body picking the most ergonomic option.
Drawing archs are easier and more comfortable for the wrist in certain directions/angles, so left-handed will usually default to faces facing right and vice versa with right-handed artists.
I often flip the canvas or rotate it, not to refresh my mind, but because its better for my wrist in the long run!

@Hexephre its interesting though to see that there is a more of a tie between left handed ppl who voted, meanwhile right-handed who voted def favoured one more than the other.

just 100% guessing, but im left-handed and i have the experience of having to use right-handed tools in my daily life. And thus makes me, and other left handed, end up less dependent on a default design. It wouldnt surprise me if left handed have an easier time learning to draw w their opposite hand, than right-handed

@foervraengd that all makes a lot of sense! i can definitely see LH people generally being more ambidextrous because of the prevalence of RH-default tools.

it also cements in my mind that i'm a weirdo because i'm right handed but do my 3/4s facing right... i knew i was in the minority for this but now i can say WHY i'm a weirdo lol.

@Hexephre yeah maybe you hold the pen a certain way or often draw strokes in a certain order/angle that makes faces facing right more comfy for you, or that its just some habit youve formed!

@Hexephre left-handed for art, no preferred angle that i can see looking back though my stuff

@Hexephre i do seem to often draw facing inward from the paper edge, but I'd have to count every drawing and sketch to get good data on that

@Hexephre but I really don't mind both tbh, right handed.

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