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want a lil dragon version of your oc(s)? you can now get one for just $25 USD! do note that because of the style, details from an oc (for example) may be simplified.

DM or email me [ hexephre AT gmail ] if you'd like to get one!

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hello! i'm hex (they/them), queer dragon enthusiast extraordinaire. i'm primarily a digital illustrator, doing illustrations, comics, and character design. i'm also a game animator and occasional convention artist.

i most often draw OCs, dragons, and geometric emblems and tattoos. i enjoy writing fiction prose and daydreaming about my OCs and their worlds.

when i'm not drawing or writing, i'm usually playing video games or hanging out with my cats.

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commissions! help me pay rent and buy food, and get some cool art of your fave oc, or a tattoo or other emblem! see thread for examples.

DM or email me (hexephre [AT] gmail) to get started, or if you have questions!


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✨ Profile Card:

I also put a Tumblr-inspired profile card together to a sense of people's content without having to leave the current page. It's very handy in finding people to follow.

It works in the home feed and notifications tabs... and pretty much everywhere else in /web.


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✨ Automatic Post Privacy:

I sorely miss the ability to draft and preview toots. The closest we got is posting them as mentioned people-only then redrafting.

Meanwhile, I'd also love to control the default privacy of replies... thus this thing was born.

It just auto-clicks your way to the desired privacy. It has a smart mode for replies to not replace stricter modes like mention with more public ones.


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i dont wanna work i wanna play ffxiv all day

i "fixed" it by making a single-image gallery. this is dumb

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am i missing something or is carrd weirdly terrible at images? i can't get this one to show fully in both desktop and mobile views - it's cropped on one or the other no matter what i do. you'd think that'd be standard but...

the feeling of [wanting local friends to hang out with in person] is returning to me. i should find a queer group or an art group or a queer art group or something

might it be because i'm wearing a super skimpy glamour? maybe. do i care? nope

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someone on ffxiv called my character pretty today :tialove:

i also don't fuck with auto subscriptions. if i sign up for your website i am NOT signing up for your promotional emails!! get OUT of here with that shit, if you don't have an unsub link i WILL block you (except my credit card company which is driving me batshit even if the emails are like once a month)

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i only keep emails in my inbox if they involve outstanding tasks - commissions, appointments, orders i'm waiting to arrive. usually there's 4-5 at most. right now there's 9 and it's gving me anxiety.

i'm also the kind of person who hates having dozens of tabs open (though groups and windows have made this easier on me) and can't leave unread notifications on anything.

no cat today u_u there's no meeting room for them and it's so hard to tell if they'll be good with ori when they're in an unfamiliar environment full of people coming and going.

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i tried to put a tiny package in a mailbox... one end of the package went in, but the object itself is slightly too large, and then i tried to pull it back out but the mail slot didn't wanna give it back and ripped the packaging x_x guess i have to go to a brick and mortar!

iiiiit's new cat day!! been checking the shelter's site every day and it looks like the cats we were initially interested in have found new homes which is bittersweet... but i'm sure we'll find someone we love <3 and if not we can keep checking back


is it just me or does the tip of the pizza slice always have the best ratio of sauce and toppings

negative, lawns 

disrespectfully, lawns can fuck off. it's been over a month since we mowed our backyard because who caaaaares but we tried and it was too powerful and the mower kept dying and also it's ridiculously hot and humid outside and i started feeling light headed (yes drinking lots of water) and even with the two of us we could not finish mowing. might need to up the priority on replacing it with clover or something because fuck lawns

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