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hello! i'm taking commissions! i'll draw characters (human, anthro, feral) as well as geometric designs.

examples and info threaded! RTs appreciated, thank you! 💚

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hello~ call me hex, they/them. i'm a NB poc illustrator ✨

i like fantasy, dragons, wings, circles, and all manner of shiny things. i draw human, anthro, and animal characters.

Levi was in a dream I had the other night, so I decided to draw him.

for PFT's chaos week ( )! magical girl/boy/enby is supposed to be a day 5 prompt, but i'm struggling a little bit to art this week and i wanted to do at least one.

i typically draw stellar in neutral-to-masculine clothing, so they're pretty overdue for a dress. :>

ten years ago i drew six of my male ocs in different coloured shirts. now i am revisiting the concept, only much better drawn, and with more recent ocs! only one of the ocs is repeated across both versions, but he's had a decent design upgrade since then, too.

this was inspired by an art-tember/tober prompt, but i actually forgot to use the prompt at all in it lmao. oh well, it still got me doing art, and that's what matters!

i wrote about my art process using this piece as an example on my schlaugh ( ).

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Hey if you're depressed and having a hard day I hope that some small event happens that lifts your spirits. I hope you smile at a cat picture, or admire a sunbeam, or feel a fresh breeze blow in. I hope it inspires you do do something nice for yourself. A sip from a cool glass of water, a listen to a song that you remember from long ago, clean sheets on your bed. You deserve joy and comfort, especially when you feel miserable.

and a sunny dragon ref to go with stel's ( )! his was a lot easier to complete because his patterns are simpler and he doesn't have antlers. mostly the antlers thing.

by hex

almost a year after stellar's initial art, i finally have a ref sheet for their dragon form!

my main motivation for doing this was to nail down their wing patterns and define their specific size. then i added some detail shots, particularly for the 3/4 head view.

am i really going to draw eight really old characters of mine i rarely ever use? yeah, probably.

anyway, here's zilu. fun fact: i never had a colour scheme for him, so i made it up on the spot. i really like it?

the hardest part of adopts isn't making adopts.

it took me four tries to export this with all the right layers visible and all the wrong ones hidden.

i'm streaming art! working on a springy zine page with chill ACNH music in the background. come hang out!

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would love to stream some of my work in these trying times but the machine i brought with me can barely even run photoshop...

art stream done! 

thanks for coming by~

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art stream! 

streaming some adopts for an hour or two!

all my layers are named! what more do you want from me, gods of photoshop??

(every one of these folders has anywhere between 2-9 layers in it, if i didn't name my layers i would DIE)

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