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hello~ call me hex, they/them. i'm a NB poc illustrator ✨

i like fantasy, dragons, wings, circles, and all manner of shiny things. i draw human, anthro, and animal characters.

new 👏 dnd 👏 bean 👏(granted this is probably not what he's wearing at level one)

been using softer more textured brushes lately and i love the feeling

p much the only reason i havent made a nsfw account yet is i dont have/make enough nsfw art to post 🤔 that and even when i do draw nsfw it's never finished enough to be presentable

did a swing dance session tonight, it was good but scary but fun, my feet hurt, goodnight

itunes doesn't exist on android, google play music duplicates entries in my playlists 8 times, spotify won't let me import itunes playlists... why is it so hard to listen to my own damn music on two devices in this year of our lord two thousand nine teen

stopping by MICE this weekend? come find me at table B71 in the bechdel room, right across from the amphitheater!

spent my morning drawing instead of doing homework. stellar fought in the dragon wars.

sabertooth and squirrel - the last two in the series! changed the background for more contrast too~

i'm getting these printed with gold foil and selling them at MICE expo in cambridge MA oct 19-20!

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(a little bit of inkwash to show off the pretty ink sample I got... and lost by knocking it over... LOL)

tbh it might do a bunch more after MICE but i wanna focus on a few for that so i can order them and get them in time

gonna do at least two more skull and geometry pieces - which animal should i do? (feel free to reply with other suggestions!)

a handful of geometric designs that i'll be selling as stickers at MICE Expo this month!

hopefully gonna set up an online shop too but last time i said that it didn't happen so no promises

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