@Penbee your style is so adorable!!! I love her already!

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DARKLORD GRANDMA | In the concept, the Grandma has two main underworld servants: A Sorcerer and a bulky Skeleton Knight where they would develop into an odd sorta family.

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People on tumblr rediscovered my pride foxes so I drew the lesbians again

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i stg every time i take an extended break and come back to drawing my style changes. anyway i'm working on a charm comm of laika for @cellotherapy@twitter.com

i may be using this to experiment with colours

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The most ethical #smartphone is one you keep for as long as possible.

However, if you have to buy a new one, there are a couple of models you might consider:

@Fairphone - Modular #phones made with a more ethical supply chain and greater environmental considerations. Available now:

@Purism - The Purism Librem 5 runs proper Linux (not Android) and is designed to be as private and open source as possible. Due out in April 2019:

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Done! :D Thumb tacks, nail polish, and polystyrene eggs. About 115 pins.


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My forever crush Kyo Kusanagi from KOF
Watercolour sai markers and ink pen on A4 watercolour paper.

Being an artist/designer in China is quite frustrating. As a foreigner there are so many services I had no access to, because it requires to have a Chinese ID. Also most (if not all) sites are, indeed in Chinese, so it's have to navigate them.

@adamk678 I'm gonna check the Chinese Apps stores. thanks again

@adamk678 ok, I think if they are in googleplay (Which is banned here) I have to use a VPN. I hope it works. Thanks for the names, I'm gonna find a way!

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