Second attempt, I still need to figure out how to make the eyes!

Trying to learn to use Blender! first attempt to make a face xD

Hi everyone! I finally finished this character design! I've been so busy these past weeks I barely had time to draw!

I'm working on a character design for several days (I have a full time job, so only on my free time), I hope to finish it soon!

I finish this Paya's portrait yesterday :heart_sp_bi:
I really like how it turned out! I painted it with watercolor on hard press paper.

I finished this painting yesterday, it's a cryovolcano. I really wish one day, technology allow us to take a look on cryovolcanos in Enceladus or Titan up close!

A cute monster school girl. Made with Watercolor on watercolor paper.

Just a pretty girl out of my imagination. No reference for this sketch. I painted it with watercolors on my sketchbook.

One of my favorite characters in is , and I specially love a happy Kass. I find it pretty endearing that he gets all lighten up when you want to listen to the hero song EVERY TIME you find him on a stable! is so cute! He is so passionate about singing and I love the fact that he is keeping a promise to his master.

Painted with Watercolor on normal paper and ink markers and pens.

"Chio can be found underneath the Great Deku Tree in the Korok Forest. He explains to Link that the mushroom on his head suddenly sprouted that day, so he had expected something to happen (referring to Link's arrival to Korok Forest)" Wiki

I'm playing BOTW AGAIN! Thanks Quarentine! so, I just got into the KOROK forest and I wanted to draw this little guy! his design is so interesting! I like the detail with the mushrooms in his head. I painted it with Ink markers.

Finally finished this piece! I've been quite busy the past week. After Link saved Hyrule in , he came back to Kakariko Village and takes Paya on a trip since Paya has never been out of Kakariko.

Made with watercolorus and ink pens!

The electric power was cut in my building for the whole day yesterday, so I decided to draw some scenes from Zelda BOTW by memory and see what happened! (I didn't have wifi so I couldn't look at pictures).

This painting was inspired by images of the Cassini prob that visited Titan before. I imagine how it would look like flying through such a dense atmosphere and looking at the vast liquid methane lakes!

Painted with Watercolor on paper.

I started painting this one yesterday while listening to and episode of the STARTALK podcast. Dr Tyson is an excellent science educator and it's always fueling my hunger for science! I also found an incredibly talented artist in DA (@FLOOKO) who inspired me to paint more Sci-fi art!

Long time ago, I think around 2009 when I used to live in Taiwan, I made an sketch on paper of these guys, but after all this years I decided to re-draw it and paint it digitally.

I used Paint SAI Tool and I added some finishing touches on photoshop.

The characters are original, this is not a fanart.

Robbie Valentino in the middle of an inspiring moment, he is composing the world's saddest love song for Wendy. His hearth literally bleeding guys!

I don't see any Robbie's fanart in this group and I wonder if there is any fans of him?

Let's give some love to our emo-kid! he deserved it! After all we all have been there, right? Being an emotional teenager? Yes? No?


Materials: Regular pencils and color pencils on regular sketchbook paper. Time: around half and hour.

It's been a while since I draw him, I forgot how difficult is to draw 'old people'. I mostly draw pretty young people, (like most artists that focus on 'pretty') so when drawing someone with wrinkles, it's a challenge to get the lighting and shadows right!

I hope you guys like it. I honestly don't like the eyes too much.

Materials: Just regular pencils and color pencils on a Sketchbook. Time: Around half an hour.

A total of 420,000 overnight underwear for periods and 300,000 disposable underwear have been delivered to Hubei Province for female medical workers. 
Given the shortage of medical supplies, medical workers have been doing 8 h shifts, so that they do not use more than one protective suit a day. They stay inside isolation wards for continuous eight hours without eating, drinking or going to the toilet. However, things get doubly difficult for females undertaking such duties during their periods.

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