I finished this piece of Dipper and Pacifica taking a selfie in high school! They hated each others as kids, but after a couple of years, Pacifica comes to terms with her feelings! Which version do you like the most?

I finally finish the game guys. I collect 897 damn Korok seeds!!! I couldn't for the love of god find the last 3 seeds!!

This painting was inspired by that memory in which Zelda, asks Link, if he would have choose to be a swordsman if, he where to be born in a different family. It got me thinking on a alternative ending in which, Link returns to Hateno to live a peaceful life and then Paya, finds the courage to tell Link, she likes him and they ended up together.

Is this guy again!!! DO NOT SUMMON AT ALL COST!!!
I made a poster, because I hate him.

I painted Urbosa from . One of my favorite characters of the series, she is badass and strong, but also caring and motherly, I love her!. I painted her on Painttool SAI.

I'm so happy with the result!!! Long time ago I painted a Sailor Mabel using watercolour, but I always wanted to do a crossover of Sailor Moon and Gravity Falls again, because the Squad is perfect for it. And it also matches the theme for today's Inktober: ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSE..

After watching the Pokemon forms revealed for the Galar region, I'm convinced that Game Freak is just lazy and looking to milk the nostalgia. I mean I just gen 1 'redesigned'. So they can use the same models from the Pokemon Go Pikachu game and edit them for Sword n Shield. It's LAZY AF. Although some of those new forms look cool, it's lazy. I'm really feeling uneasy with this new Pokemon release as a long time fan. I've played Pokemon since red/blue versions, but I'm so feed up with Gen1.

Another quick sketch, this time is Mabel, daydreaming. What is she thinking about? post your guess in the comments below!

Made with alcohol markers and ink pens, it took around half and hour to make. Recently since I'm working full time, I don't have much time to work on detailed digital paintings but I don't want to lose the routine of drawing something everyday.

Alcohol markers are a quick technique!!

I've been posting too much fanarts, but I can't contain myself, I'm procrastinating finishing this game as much as I can, so I'm collecting all damn 900 koroks just so the game will last more. Here is a little painting of because she is adorable! and needs more love.

The goose is back to create havoc in Hyrule!

Where is the Korok? Did the Goose steal the Korok seed? Will Link be able to upgrade his weapon stash?

We will never now, The goose in on the loose!

I've heard that a lot of people dislike Revali. I honestly don't know why. I know his attitude is annoying but I think that makes him more interesting. I don't like bland characters, I like characters with an attitude if is justified by the story.

That's why I felt intrigued about Revali, specially while playing the DLC champion's ballad. He seems like someone under a lot of pressure to perform, someone who cares a lot about his people and actively seeks validation.

I painted something today! I finished this painting of Link finding the Master Sword in Zelda BOTW. there is something majestic and magical about that moment when Link finds the master sword that I wanted to capture it. Painted it with Alcohol Markers.

I've been drawing on my sketchbook to practice painting with my new markers.

I got some Color markers yesterday, they were super cheap. Only 3 yuan per marker, and I also got an expensive one, 18 yuan one. This is my first time working with this kind of technique so, I hope I can improve and maybe get more high quality markers in the future.

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