Are there any plans to make a Mastodon mobile App?

@adamk678 WUT??? I so outdated xDD thanks for the link!

@adamk678 Ohh no. The website doesn't load in China v_____v

@Helsic Ok! The apps for Android are called Tusky, Subway Tooter, Mastalab, and Pawoo. For iOS, there's Amaroq and also Pawoo. There are a few other apps that aren't on the list like Tootdon, and the Toot! app for iOS which is still in beta.

@adamk678 ok, I think if they are in googleplay (Which is banned here) I have to use a VPN. I hope it works. Thanks for the names, I'm gonna find a way!

@Helsic Mastalab and Tusky are both available on Fdroid if that's accessible over there.

@adamk678 I'm gonna check the Chinese Apps stores. thanks again

@Helsic Here's a list of the more popular ones:

iOS: Amaroq, Pawoo
Android: Tusky, Subway Tooter, Mastalab, Pawoo, Tootdon

There's also @tootapp for iOS, which is still in development but looks like it'll be pretty great when it's done. :)

You can also search for "mastodon" in the app/play store and see what's there! I use Tusky, it works very well!

You can also make a web link on your phone's desktop to take you straight to the desktop site, if you prefer!

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