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i like to keep a picture of her open on my pc, watching me and making sure i do computers good

Trying to find inspiration to paint again

Illustration for the children book red riding hood!

Interstellar study ❤️. This movie is still the best I've watched so far in recent years. So I'm working on some painting studies of scenes of this movie.

Working on a new project! so much work to do, so little time!!! such is the life of the working adult! 😩

Second attempt, I still need to figure out how to make the eyes!

Trying to learn to use Blender! first attempt to make a face xD

Hi everyone! I finally finished this character design! I've been so busy these past weeks I barely had time to draw!

I'm working on a character design for several days (I have a full time job, so only on my free time), I hope to finish it soon!

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I finish this Paya's portrait yesterday :heart_sp_bi:
I really like how it turned out! I painted it with watercolor on hard press paper.

I finished this painting yesterday, it's a cryovolcano. I really wish one day, technology allow us to take a look on cryovolcanos in Enceladus or Titan up close!

A cute monster school girl. Made with Watercolor on watercolor paper.

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