Survived Easter Holidays! And we're announcing not one but TWO upcoming sequels to our hit grindhouse slasher comic "Slaughterhouse Farm". For more eighties slasher-style work we have "Slaughterhouse Hospital" (art by Arfon Jones) whilst "Slaughterhouse Z" (art by Paul P J Johnson) sees genetically engineered pig-zombies roaming the Welsh countryside. Needless to say these are our more adult horror titles!

We remembered our log-in! Yes, that happened. Been a busy couple of weeks, but delighted to have got all of our KIckstarter rewards for our Mandy the Monster Hunter Legend of the SPindly Man #4 comic... now begins the packaging and posting!

We survived half term! Back to work, and got a lot of to organise, write, and check art on - and Comic Cons to apply to. Anyone else go to in the UK? We've applied this year and hope we get in!

It's and we're celebrating some of the amazing female creatives we've teamed up with! We've worked with Italian Atlantisvampir on projects from to , and her own bdsm themed psychological Enslavement.

We'd like to meet Mandy the Monster Hunter. Star of several of our titles, she is a playground urban legend, whispered from child to child. If the monster under the bed is real, if something lurks in your wardrobe and the adults don't believe... then you can summon Mandy. Simply draw a picture of the monster and it will find her... and she will find you.

Writing is one of the most enjoyable things to do. There's so many ways to do it but I tend to use a lot of detail and description, and try and get as much of what I envision on paper as I can before hand.

There are some awesome coming from Hellbound Media this year, with new tales & special edition reprints.
The long-awaited next chapter in Dawn After Dark is coming, in "The Dogfather" drawn by Jesse Thomas.
New stories are on their way from Arfon Jones & Paul Johnson.
Our next anthology will feature a huge range of !

My new comic is pre-ordering via kickstarter now. :)
Mandy the Monster Hunter: Legend of the Spindly Man #1-#4
Dark fantasy-horror comic , recommended ages 12+
Mandy protects children from the creatures under the bed, or in the closet. A smart, strong warrior, she is what the things in the dark are afraid of.
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Anyone want to recommend some accounts for us to look at? Just starting ti get a hang of how this place all works. Like the interface, for sure!

It's and Hellbound Media's wouldn't be nearly as effective without the stunning Lettering talents of Nikki Foxrobot who helps convey our nightmares through dialogue, soundscapes and SFX.

Greetings from Hellbound Media - I'm Mark, one half of our indie comic group, and a writer and creator. We primarily create horror & dark fantasy comics, collaborating with a huge range of other creators. We've been active on Twitter forever and got put onto this by the wonderful @helenmclaughlinart & @JenJen


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