@spiderkid Ill do my best to remember to post here, thank you!!

I recently bought a fantastic pose book from
kibbitzer_ (twitter) and used it to inspire this piece. Please look at their awesome reference books.

You can support me and help me create more art on my sub platform!

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Gotta be honest, Its a little hard to adjust to this site.. XD

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An experimental portrait of Vera the Enoki, a demon clothier character that is co-owned by Helixel and Satsukii.

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While wandering through an unfamiliar shady grove many years ago, Sidian came across a bed of immense flowers. They looked like what we might call peonies, but they were much larger and grew very close to the ground in a luxurious heap. The velvety soft petals and relaxing aroma beckoned him closer, and he found himself falling sleep among the enormous, pillow-like flowers. Ever since that fateful day, Sidian has been coming back to his secret garden of strange flowers time and time again.

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Care for a bowl of Yoi ramen? This is a birthday gift for the lovely Shinerai.

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Hello! I am Icarus, Ica for short is fine. I am mostly a dragon artist looking to do more full pieces this year!

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Hope i'm doing this right. Hi! My name is Heilos and i'm a freelance artist that also dabbles in animation productions. Just trying to figure out how to use this site for now, but hope to get the hang of it soon. :)

I guess I should introduce myself!
I'm Isabella, or Izzy. I'm a bi, freelance artist from Ireland. I mostly draw demons, scifi ladies, pinups, and the odd creature thrown in there. It's my job so It'd mean a lot if you checked out my website! No worries if not :D

Helixel went for a cycle, even though she's mostly not human..still needs to rehydrate.

I'm not trying to escape twitter, but wanted to broaden my social media presence a bit!

on twitter

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