@theoutrider my pc struggled with morrowind yesterday 😅

@theoutrider YES god jesus i tweet about it sometimes in the vague hope they'll do it

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doodled this dude and I kinda low key want to model him now

It is my new plant. I do not know what type of plant it is. It was merely labelled "succulent". I put it in this new pot. I hope it likes it.

@faffpaper yeah.... I want a full head of instant satisfaction, ya know? 💇

@faffpaper that sounds sensible... more sensible than I am

@fanfi yeah this is the pungent chemical stuff, so I worry it'll be less effective as it's 3 or 4 years old. or melt my hair off. o god

Serious question: does hair dye expire? The proper stuff in the tubes that hairdressers use. I'd buy fresh peroxide.

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Can anyone out there tell me why, after I upload a 1.36gb video to Youtube, it compresses it to a 158mb file? (I downloaded it back from youtube to see why it looked so bad and that's the size it was) If someone can point me to advice to avoid this I'd be super grateful.

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Got a camera today that came with a 128MB memory card which holds 20 photos at super-high quality. It has "CUISINE" in the scene options.

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