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Back in 2017 in I had been on the same home planet for a few months, with one animal species I could never discover despite scouring what felt like the entire planet. Then one day, it just strolled up, this glorious creature. I presume it was the only one there. I never saw it again.

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Tried to color in an ink sketch. Really like the results C:

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Really struggling to do my annual blog post of 12 photos from the past year due to 2018 being a bit of a hecker.

I did finally put up my little dog photo-poem thing so you can take a look at that if you like 🐶


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Finally dug out that old snap I was looking for! Surely now I can spend 2019 being productive!

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all right pals ive got a new album out

it's a 5 track EP called 'Songs I Hate'

you can download it (or pay what you want) on bandcamp envelopegenerator.bandcamp.com

there's also a video for one of the songs on youtube youtube.com/watch?v=mQJ3gHqC_r

i think it's quite good and i hope you think so too

love you 💜

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I just finished a series of watercolors called:

Red Square
watercolor and pencil
on paper, 6"x6"

I posted the whole series, and where it came from, here:


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I am stuck not posting because I need to dig out an old photo for the thing I wanna post and I've put off digging out the photo box for two months. Maybe today I will do it and clear this mindblock

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