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Seems like it's time to hang the thicker curtains up

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Just read that 1 in 53 people here has symptomatic covid? So if we include asymptomatic cases, that's probably just, everyone? And everyone's behaving like it's over and long covid isn't a thing? I do not like it here

The bar of soap in the bathroom had gone all weird and soft, so I went to get a new one out of a drawer, and it was wet? In an otherwise dry drawer? Just sitting in there, dissolving away. What causes that? Why is all the soap in my house dissolving?

I tried to dig up some of the garden to plant daffodil bulbs but it turns out my soil is mostly fist-sized rocks. Can I even grow grass on that?

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I'm having ~painting thoughts~ but do not know what to paint, yet

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"I am going to do all the housework today" has become me being very tired after opening some mail and moving some pieces of paper around

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Went for a walk, ran away from some bees, now it is time for spicy noodles

Can someone help me identify this plant, please? It smelled like holidays.

I am trying not to have a horrible day but I've only been awake for two hours so far and it is very testing

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