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too much depression means I don't make pictures

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Saw a good chunky dog on the street and it was kinda rectangular and low to the ground and the other half said (to the tune of Head Like A Hole) SQUARE LIKE A LOAF and well, that's the words to the song now

I read a book about painting, why can't I immediately be good at it right now, ugh

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I got some pics to scan. Really like one of them even though it's, like, just some grass. Always good when the one you wanted from the whole roll of film comes out nice. Shame the shop does a not-great job of scanning but I am too tired to deal with my own negatives so I will simply scan the print and be done with it. Gonna have to find somewhere else to take films though because they keep sneaking the price up and £12 for developing a 24 exposure roll is Too Much.

All I do now is watch this Twitch channel which plays old tv shows about computers (not my channel, I found it browsing the "retro" category"), I often find it very soothing

I don't do anything with my time of course but I could get so much more NOTHING done if it wasn't for that night time curse

I hate to go to SLEEP
absolute waste of my time

I did a picture of the cat

Pencils and watercolours

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