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Sometimes I just like to look at it, even if I'm in the middle of a radiation storm

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The ambient music in Fallout 4 is amazing, I wouldn't have kept playing that game if it didn't have it. Absolutely transforms it.

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when you close your eyes, you see:

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Feel like I'm approaching some kind of mental snap, like I'm gonna try and run off and live in the woods or make some other impulsive life-altering decision. Gonna take a hot shower and try to remain sensible.

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Just been shown the bit of the Internet Archive that has nearly 11,000 old books about cooking and home economics. You can search by text content too. I'm gonna be looking at this for some time.
If you want to look at it, it is here:

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We ate it with strawberry jam and have a little bit left for the morning. success!

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It's finished, if anyone wants a bread brick to throw through a window or something I've got one now 😅

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Guess who just realised they've read teaspoon as tablespoon and put in far too much salt

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Apparently I will make whole loaves rather than pick up the paintbrush 2 foot away from me to do a thing I actually want to do

I put another bread attempt in the machine. Looks a bit of an odd shape right now. I think the baking is about to start so, we will see.

I read about a painting technique like three days ago, and I really want to try it, and I spend most of my days sitting next to my painting stuff, but I haven't yet managed to find the energy to lift a paintbrush even though I *want* to.

Too much thinking going on in this old brain of mine!

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Helsinki was founded at the delta of river Vantaa in 1550. The area is called Vanhakaupunki wich would roughly translate to "Old town". Here lies and old power and water plant with its damn and waterfall dating from 1876. During the dark months of autumn and winter the waterfall is lit with strong LED lights. The colors change as I have witnessed it being red and blue.

I took this shot with my trusty Mamiya C220 with the 80mm f2.8 on Lomography Color 800. f8 and about 6s.

I just want to have a house that is ~just about~ big enough to have some stuff, and small garden I can maybe put some pot plants and a chair and a little veg patch, and a solid internet connection , and then for the world to leave me mostly alone, thanks

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