My OC Sakyr. One of his very early designs, anyway.

I was really quite invested in this Ferengi OC. I even went to make attempts of design outfits for her haha

My OC Ania
I used to write her at the Chronolium too. I still have her blog actually, maybe one day I pick her up again. There's still some things I need to flesh out more about her personality though.

Gonna be forever a Star Trek nerd. Loved the Ferengi in Deep Space Nine.

(in before confusion, this is my actual account but I didn't remember how to access it, so I made a new one yesterday. But now that I'm here again, I prefer uploading my things to the .art server)

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I write both, Mikey and Pimple at the Chronolium ( I enjoy drawing fanart of the characters I write.

Ok, I lied.
There's one last submit for today. 😂

Me and my Cat

I'm not sure how much I gonna post here outside of art. I tend to ramble a lot and usually pretty much out of context. It's what I still have my twitter account for, I guess? xD

Also, I'm new here on and I don't wanna scare off potential mutuals already xD

I had an account before on social, soooo Mastodon itself is not new to me, but that's pretty long ago actually. All my friends tried to move from twitter to here.
It didn't last long tho xD

That's it for today
Except for Sakyr & Borke, who I posted earlier, I posted all recent art ^^

I am Sabine, currently 35 as I post this and from Switzerland. I do mainly digital art. Fanart and OCs alike, although I probably do more fanarts haha. I'm a bit of a Goblin/Orc enthusiast and most of my OCs are greenskins.
Series I do fanarts of are mainly 7DS, Orphen and Orc Saga.
I hope we'll get along ^^

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