This was a doodle from the other day.
I haven't been able to draw on my tablet bc half my face is temporarily paralyzed 🀟🏻

So hopefully this next week that will be better.

So I have had this debilitating headache for about 3 days and now I can't feel the left side of my face, and my right eye isn't responding quickly to when I try to look at anything.
I literally have no extra money to go to yhe doctor and I'm horrified

Hell let's sweeten the pot AND buy any Commission above $30 after discount get 2 free bust sketches

Hey I'm doing another sale 20% off any and all Commissions.
I haven't been getting many hours at work and I seriously need help to pay my bills and rent.

Commission for @Moonmon on twitter! I HIGHLY recommend checking out her work, she's fantastic!

Hey guys, I'm posting again

I'm giving 20% off all commissions today and tomorrow, I'm in need of gas and some eggs and milk.
I have 2 slots open, and I stream my commissions on picarto.

She's back and she's ready to do.... SOMETHING.

I watched enter the florpus and Doodled my old OC ion while I did ❀️

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I'm still a commission away from my car payment, and I need to have money to eat until I get paid! College AU for , , or ! Fill out this form and send me your ideas. $20 for 1k and $35 for 2k!

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