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Let's check out this thing ✨

Hi all! I'm Harry Alisavakis, I'm a technical/VFX artist working in the industry!

I like experimenting with shaders, VFX and different visual looks to make colorful and chill scenes =]

aaaand send toot

Why, yes, this is another brand new water shader, thanks for asking 🌊

Got tired of tweaking a handful of Gerstner waves by hand, so I took a page out of's book and threw a bunch of them in and procedurally adjusted their settings

🌧🍃 Cozy rain 🍃🌧

I wanted to play around with some deferred lighting ideas I had, as well as make good use of some stylized water droplets 💧

I'll probably have to rethink how my wind works in Greenery, but this is starting to look better already🍃

Grass blades now orient themselves towards the wind direction directly in the generation compute shader, with some adjustable variation 🌿

After watching's inspiring talk about the grass rendering in Ghost of Tsushima, I went back and tweaked my Greenery grass blades 🌿

Same exact geometry and settings, different generation approach (left is old, right is new)

Still trying to find a good way to simplify shapes based on distance, and I think this is a good way to go about it:

Edge detection based on GBuffer normals, but the leaf shader flattens the normals based on distance from the camera 🌿

It's still July and Greece is once more burning from wildfires.

People are evacuating and losing their homes.

Fucking hell

That's a wrap for ! We made "Die Caster" with and, a small dungeon crawler game where you hurl your die on things! 🎲

🔽 Check it out here 🔽

Joined and thought about making a board-game-looking dungeon crawler where you sling a die at your enemies and deal the damage that comes up.

Gonna be updating this thread as I go ✨

In other colorful news, here's what's buzzing in Greece:

A well-known Greek theater director was convicted of raping 2 minors, but was *released* pending trial, free to go home under some restrictions

Full story:

🍜~Ramen time~ 🍜

The latest theme is "Food" so I tried making some of these delicious-looking anime ramen ✨

It made me quite hungry making it, so I guess I did something right 👀

Looking for fun local 2-player co-op games that are actually designed for 2 players, like "It takes two" or "Unravel 2" 👀

So no 4-player games that can be played with just 2 players, nor single-player games that have a 2-player mode on top.

Any suggestions? 👀

Quick random test: thick and crisp outlines on specific meshes using command buffers and JFA

Fun stuff ✨

Gave MeshSync a try and, while it's still in preview, I think it can be a game changer, especially with Blender's geometry nodes 👀

I'm getting kinda giddy thinking of the possibilities 🥹

Alright, I'm gonna need somebody to hit me hard on the back of my head with a frying pan so that I can forget and experience it again for the first time

Finished "It takes Two" over the weekend, it's been a while since I played a game that's just pure *fun* ✨

It did help that the game is looking gorgeous too, the colors and lighting were absolutely beautiful :D

Here's some pretty and wide screenshots

Hey there✨

If you are/know a 💥✨VFX artist ✨💥 or a 🧙‍♂️Technical artist 🧙‍♂️ that's looking for work/freelance gigs, let me know!

I'm compiling a list so that I can potentially forward any work I can't take up in the future😅

Feel free to drop your work in the comments too!

Random small midnight idea: faking some shadows/AO on the edges of the mask texture when using vertex colors to blend between textures 👀

Could easily work with a terrain shader too, it should add some nice spice when blending grass textures


I've been meaning to make a stylized ocean shader for a while, so I'm glad gave me the opportunity to make one for them ✨

12 Gerstner waves and lots of light fakery will get you quite far👀

For some reason, VS decided to stop launching Omnisharp on multiple Unity projects :(

It kinda tries to launch it for a couple frames and then nothing, there's not even the little flame on the bottom bar.

Any ideas as to what could help here?

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