Me : I'm so lazy to do digital art...
also Me : spent 3 hours detailing just HAIR as my arm and fingers slowly go numb.
Me : ...must be the Cintiq, those pesky screens.

Here's a WIP for you guys. Kinda gave up on how braid suppose to work... also drawing circle on Paintstorm studio is like... "gods why" Aside from that I'm pretty happy with how the color's looking so far.

This is why I rarely do digital art because after a while my arm feels like it's gonna fall off and screen color correcting drive me nuts 😭 Also me spending 5x time on something I wouldn't spend as much time on if I was working traditional.

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The time digital worked out for me is when I force myself to use flat color and style, basically anything not painterly because nothing will get done as I will obsessively detailing and painting and shading... 😂

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