Got my bright hair back and feel like me again! A good haircut is therapy

Pretty unhappy with how this one turned out tbh. I think the clear glaze was too thick and it’s diffused the colour

This dice tower finally went in for its final glaze firing yesterday. Cross your fingers! My biggest fear is this clay shrinks more than I’m used to and the space for the dice to roll becomes too small

Built a new dice tower and tray today. Going for a post apocalyptic feel for when we play Gaslands. Still very early in the process but I’m already excited

Experimenting! Combining things from different moulds, adding coloured slip, cutting down one thing to make it into another thing. It’s all very exciting and I don’t know if any of them will survive the first firing but I can’t wait to find out

And here was my stuff on display last weekend at a little show. I sold 5 things!

Ahh shit! I keep forgetting about you mastodon.
I find that drawing/ art making when I’m really suffering in my bad brain is most helpful if I focus on something completely unrelated to what’s going on in my life or in my head. So here’s a very brekky oriented bear! ⁣
This is me jumping on the challenge bandwagon. Original illustration by @niniwanted (on IG)

A collection of memories from the year, with way more art achievements than I realised!

Merry Christmas Mastodon, we ticked over in Australia an hour or so ago. Here’s a card design for everyone who will be having a rough one

Got an F word in here 

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