I’ve done a lot of purchasing for my home ceramics studio this week and it’s gooooood.
- a grinding stone to smooth sharp bits & bases on fired pieces
- a giant bag of foam offcuts for transporting delicate unfired pieces
- safety gear for mixing raw chemicals (dust mask, filters, safety glasses, nitrile gloves)
- dowel of different thickness for rolling out slabs
- foam wedges for drying plates without them drooping
- big jerry can and hose for storing prepared slip
Umm what else


- banding straps for holding moulds securely
- epoxy for small fixes post firing
- a paint mixing drill attachment for mixing slip and glazes
- plastic tubs for reclaiming clay offcuts
- fabric for rags

Ordered custom stamps for makers marks

Slowly, slowly getting this together

Update on this. Have had clay and slip on back order for like two months and finally got it. There’s a monopoly in the area on pottery supplies and the ppl that run it are awful. I hate being forced to shop somewhere so unwelcoming and hostile to learners. So I’m ordering from a small biz a couple of hours away but she has trouble getting stock because my local store tries to get manufacturers to block her. It’s fucked. ANYWAY I can start making at home properly for now

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