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Got my bright hair back and feel like me again! A good haircut is therapy

Pretty unhappy with how this one turned out tbh. I think the clear glaze was too thick and it’s diffused the colour

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This dice tower finally went in for its final glaze firing yesterday. Cross your fingers! My biggest fear is this clay shrinks more than I’m used to and the space for the dice to roll becomes too small

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Built a new dice tower and tray today. Going for a post apocalyptic feel for when we play Gaslands. Still very early in the process but I’m already excited

They are now drying slowly to try and avoid cracking, then when completely bone dry (and super delicate and brittle) I’ll need to transport them to where they get fired and cross my fingers

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Experimenting! Combining things from different moulds, adding coloured slip, cutting down one thing to make it into another thing. It’s all very exciting and I don’t know if any of them will survive the first firing but I can’t wait to find out

I’d really love some boosts on this. What do you like? I haven’t really found my community here and I’d love to make mastodon a proper home.

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And here was my stuff on display last weekend at a little show. I sold 5 things!

Update on this. Have had clay and slip on back order for like two months and finally got it. There’s a monopoly in the area on pottery supplies and the ppl that run it are awful. I hate being forced to shop somewhere so unwelcoming and hostile to learners. So I’m ordering from a small biz a couple of hours away but she has trouble getting stock because my local store tries to get manufacturers to block her. It’s fucked. ANYWAY I can start making at home properly for now

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:starwall: 🎉 IT'S MY BIRTHDAY CAN I GET SOME BOOSTS??? 🎉 :starwall:
IM 22 NOW!

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