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I’m going to catch up and post some more of my recent illustrations that I forgot to put here

I kinda hate drawing people & faces but most of the DTIYS images are characters! So I got excited when one popped into my feed that was different. ⁣
Should I do more of these?

Ahh shit! I keep forgetting about you mastodon.
I find that drawing/ art making when I’m really suffering in my bad brain is most helpful if I focus on something completely unrelated to what’s going on in my life or in my head. So here’s a very brekky oriented bear! ⁣
This is me jumping on the challenge bandwagon. Original illustration by @niniwanted (on IG)

A collection of memories from the year, with way more art achievements than I realised!

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Merry Christmas Mastodon, we ticked over in Australia an hour or so ago. Here’s a card design for everyone who will be having a rough one

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More gifs! My cousin complained that there were no Barbra Streisand sticker gifs she could use when posting about her kid watching Funny Girl. Now there's three!

Can we post gifs here? I made this one today as a prize for an IG follower. He wanted a prairie dog in pyjamas eating cereal. 🤩
how'd I do?

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Did a quick piece here for instagram charity!
Part of the sale will go towards wilderness society!

Put a bunch of designs up on patreon for them to vote which they like best. I’m honestly a bit worried none of the patrons will vote.

Possibly interested in trying a new pin and patch supplier. The place I use really didn’t deliver on the last order. Anyone got recommendations? DM me if you want to keep it on the downlow

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a pair of illustrations i still really like from a couple years ago! #mastoart

Flash back to painting this power box 2 years ago for the council & Urban Smart Projects. I’d done a couple of smaller boxes before but this one was an extra challenge in size and time frame and I still love it

what app should I be using on my phone / ios. I was using tootdon but did I see that's dodgy?

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I’m working on a series of greeting card designs for specific situations. Follow on IG to keep seeing em!

And send me suggestions! when something happens where you think “this could use a card” but cards are unlikely to exist specifically for it

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