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I’d really love some boosts on this. What do you like? I haven’t really found my community here and I’d love to make mastodon a proper home.

And here was my stuff on display last weekend at a little show. I sold 5 things!

Update on this. Have had clay and slip on back order for like two months and finally got it. There’s a monopoly in the area on pottery supplies and the ppl that run it are awful. I hate being forced to shop somewhere so unwelcoming and hostile to learners. So I’m ordering from a small biz a couple of hours away but she has trouble getting stock because my local store tries to get manufacturers to block her. It’s fucked. ANYWAY I can start making at home properly for now

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:starwall: 🎉 IT'S MY BIRTHDAY CAN I GET SOME BOOSTS??? 🎉 :starwall:
IM 22 NOW!

- banding straps for holding moulds securely
- epoxy for small fixes post firing
- a paint mixing drill attachment for mixing slip and glazes
- plastic tubs for reclaiming clay offcuts
- fabric for rags

Ordered custom stamps for makers marks

Slowly, slowly getting this together

I’ve done a lot of purchasing for my home ceramics studio this week and it’s gooooood.
- a grinding stone to smooth sharp bits & bases on fired pieces
- a giant bag of foam offcuts for transporting delicate unfired pieces
- safety gear for mixing raw chemicals (dust mask, filters, safety glasses, nitrile gloves)
- dowel of different thickness for rolling out slabs
- foam wedges for drying plates without them drooping
- big jerry can and hose for storing prepared slip
Umm what else

I kinda hate drawing people & faces but most of the DTIYS images are characters! So I got excited when one popped into my feed that was different. ⁣
Should I do more of these?

Ahh shit! I keep forgetting about you mastodon.
I find that drawing/ art making when I’m really suffering in my bad brain is most helpful if I focus on something completely unrelated to what’s going on in my life or in my head. So here’s a very brekky oriented bear! ⁣
This is me jumping on the challenge bandwagon. Original illustration by @niniwanted (on IG)

A collection of memories from the year, with way more art achievements than I realised!

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fatphobia and health care 

Merry Christmas Mastodon, we ticked over in Australia an hour or so ago. Here’s a card design for everyone who will be having a rough one

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