@Curator Thanks. I try and keep within the 5 minutes but I was having too much fun trying to work out the colours.

@GrumpyMark @Curator you weren’t joking about 7 minutes? Dang….that is real nice.

@jppelt @Curator


Yes,I just stopped at 7 minutes… despite the urge to fix the sky.

I use couldn’t get the colours right at first.

@GrumpyMark There is a part of me that wants to hate people like you, who can do this kind of art in seven minutes, and it is not a part of me that I respect... lovely work, thank you for sharing. And I am kind of kidding. I am no artist, a writer, but I grew up thinking I would be a n artist as my doodles filled my every notebook in public school, where I refused to do homework or participate much except in art and literature classes. I grew up in University, which they had convinced me I was too dumb for, since I looked poor, and our house was, no kidding, the worst mess in the town, due to my mother's spending money like a drunken Gwyneth Paltrow, on a much smaller budget, and my father being too nice to do much more than go along. Grumpy Mike, I will be honored to follow you and enjoy your artistic journey. Thank you for your seven minutes.

@johnburdem Thanks.

I only started drawing/painting about 5 years ago as part of my rehabilitation after illness.

I always wished I could draw… but I’d never had the time. And I t turns out I could draw a bit. But there has been a lot of practice since…. It is definitely something your can learn to do with practice…. and still only about 1 in 7 or 8 of my paintings/drawings ever get shown to others. Probably about 50% are total disasters TBH.

@GrumpyMark I started painting as a way to relax because my novels are so intense, and ended up with so many, and people liked them so much, I started selling them for a couple hundred bucks. Then finally a buddy got an appraiser to come look at them and he starts saying this is worth 2500, that is 5k, etc... I spent 12 years going to school to be a writer, and would want to very good at art if I did it, so I intentionally kind of keep it simple, not even using what I know. I took art classes at NEIU, simply because they had this studio that was a shed out in the parking lot you could access 24 hours a day,, and between driving cab seventy hours a week and full time school, I could go there during weird hours. By the time my health grew too poor for me to paint I was getting okay at it... I too think about anyone can learn to draw, and once drawing was just something women were expected to take and be good at. But some people, like my little brother, have this effortlessly great talent that I missed out on, if you know what I mean? I think it is a great thing to do whether you are a picasso or not personally.

@GrumpyMark I know about those disasters. I used to oil and acrylic in school, where I took beginner classes just to get in the shed 24 hours a day they used as a studio, and would end up painting one painting on top of another all the time, which my teacher hated. The worst was when I had one going I liked then messed it up.

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